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Final Race preparation & Tips


Race Day Checklist

You've done the prep work, your training is complete, and race day is almost here. Avoid any last minute chaos on race day by preparing your kit in advance. Check out our handy race day checklist and get your kit ready to stay cool, calm and focused on race-day morning.

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5 Last Minute Marathon Tips

The miles are in the bag and you're on marathon countdown. It's the final week of taper and there's more to be done than incessantly checking the weather forecast. Get last minute prep nailed down now, so by the weekend the only thing you need to focus on is your race.

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1. Cut Your Toenails

Easily forgotten, but as anyone who's ever run a marathon with bloody and bruised toes will testify, this is a must-do. Do this a good few days before the marathon and make sure to round off any sharp edges.

2. Get Some Sleep

Your body is still in recovery mode during this final week and does most of its healing during sleep. Not to mention you're about to put it through 26. 2 gruelling miles. Lots of runners also struggle to sleep the night before the big day - go to bed an hour earlier than usual this week to get to the start line fresh and rested.


3. Finalise Your Plans Now

Whether it's travel arrangements, getting to the start, or arranging to meet friends and family at the finish, make sure you've got this in hand at least 2-3 days in advance of the race. There's nothing worse than a last minute panicked rush to the start line, or wandering around for miles the night before a race trying to find somewhere to eat. Nail the details now so you can focus on your race.

4. Stick With Familiar Foods

At this stage it's important to stay with what you're used to. Your meals in the 2/3 days leading up to the race should be carb focused, but should also replicate what you've been doing in your training plan. Also, now is not the time to experiment with new gels/bars - stay with what you know - and remember, no spicy food the day before the race.


5. Wear Your Favourite Training Kit

There'll be loads of new kit on offer at the Expo, but resist the temptation to wear shiny new gear for the race. The rule is "what can chafe will chafe" - the risk of blisters and other problems from new kit is just too high. Stay with the kit that has worked for you, so the only thing on your mind during the race is your performance.

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