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Odlo creates a market-leading range of gear for all climates, with hundreds of different products for all types of athletes. Odlo are at the cutting edge of baselayers - A fabric breakthrough was achieved in 2002 with the development of Odlo fibre – the first underwear made with odor-reducing silver ions. In 2006, another high-tech fabric was created; the lightweight, all-year-round underwear fabric ‘cubic’ had a three-dimensional structure that ensured optimal body temperatures.

At SportsShoes.com we stock a huge selection of Odlo, including men’s and women’s underwear and baselayers for a range of activities, including the new Ceramicool collection.

Organic Body Mapping

With its Ceramicool technology, Odlo guarantees top performance in the sultriest of conditions. Ceramicool is unique because it is an active cooling technology. Endurance tests carried out on dummies have demonstrated that it reduces skin temperature by up to 1°C. This cooling effect is achieved via three levels:

1. The ceramic particles in the yarn have the ability to release warmth quickly and thus transmit the excessive heat away from the skin.
2. The flat cross section structure creates tiny channels in the yarn for warm air streams to flow away.
3. The low bulk yarn is the basis for this light-weight material and creates ultimate breathability and ventilation.

These three factors combined keep you cool, even on the hottest days.

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