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ASICS Superblast Running Shoes - AW23


ASICS Superblast Running Shoes - AW23


Colour: Glow Yellow/Aquamarine

Out of Stock!

Out of Stock!

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The ASICS Superblast Running Shoe is the newest hero of the BLAST series. It creates a lightweight and responsive ride that makes it functional for lo...

  • Cushioned Shoe
  • Product Code: ASI13962

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ASICS Superblast Running Shoes

The ASICS Superblast Running Shoe is the newest hero of the BLAST series. It creates a lightweight and responsive ride that makes it functional for long runs, tempo runs, and everything in between.​

Jacquard Mesh Upper

Wrapping around your feet for a supremely comfortable and personalised fit, the jacquard mesh on the upper of the Superblast is designed to fit like a second skin. The material will sit comfortably over the foot, moving and flexing to allow you to make a full range of movement without any restrictions. The material will also allow a steady flow of air in and out, which will provide constant breathability and ventilation to keep you going for longer in comfort. The no-sew construction of the upper will also encourage targeted airflow, whilst it will also remove the risk of irritations being caused by rubbing and chafing. Support is offered to the forefoot and rearfoot as the material thickens, providing protection to vulnerable areas of the feet. Securing the fit is easy with an easily adjusted lacing system, and a flat-lying tongue sits comfortably on the ankle to remove any risks of irritation.

FF Blast Turbo Midsole

Extremely lightweight and responsive, the innovative FF Blast Turbo Cushioning will help to generate an exceptional response, to help you go and feel a lot faster. Upon every step, the midsole compresses before quickly snapping back to its original shape to give you an explosive response. The midsole will also provide cushioning to take weight off the joints like the knees and ankles. This will provide protection to reduce injuries, as well as prevent fatigue from occurring. The impacts with the ground will also be absorbed instantly, which will mean that there won't be any uncomfortable forces felt by the sole of the foot. The midsole has a curved design and helps to reduce ankle flexion, allowing runners to conserve more energy and run further with less effort. The midsole also features FF BLAST PLUS which provides additional shock absorption and cushioning.​

AHARPLUS Rubber Outsole

Supreme grip and traction are guaranteed with the AHAR outsole. ASICS' high abrasion rubber is a tough rubber compound used in heavy-contact or high-wear areas which helps to cut down on excessive wear. The high abrasion outsole provides a strong grip and works to protect itself from damage and protect users from losing control and slipping. Strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole, this exceptionally durable compound is 50% more durable than standard ASICS High Abrasion Rubber to ensure complete protection and durability. Creating a strong bond with the ground beneath it, the outsole allows you to stay in full control at all times. Flex grooves also adorn the outsole to provide added traction underfoot, the grooves allow for natural foot flexion for easy, unhindered paces.



Manufacturer Code: ASI1013A127750

  • Mesh Upper - Air is allowed to enter and exit for ventilation.
  • No-Sew Construction - Encourages targeted airflow.
  • Forefoot and Rearfoot Support - Thicker material surrounding vulnerable areas provides support and protection.
  • Lacing System - An easily secured lacing system will personalise the fit.
  • Flat Tongue - Reduced risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing.
  • FF Blast Turbo Cushioning Midsole - Lightweight midsole technology that delivers outstanding response.
  • Cushioned - Relieves joints from heavy and stressful impacts.
  • Shock Absorbing - Shocks are absorbed instantly for protection.
  • Curved Design - Reduces ankle flexion for energy conservation.
  • FF BLAST+ - Provides additional shock absorption and cushioning.
  • AHARPLUS Rubber Outsole - Increases durability and traction.
  • Weight - 240 g.
  • Drop - 8mm.
  • Stack Height - 45.5mm.

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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