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Nike Zoom X Invincible - Q&A with Radio DJ Sarah Story

Nike Zoom X Invincible - Q&A with Radio DJ Sarah Story

Nike Zoom X Invincible - Q&A with Radio DJ Sarah Story

Written By: SportsShoes

We caught up with DJ, Sarah Story, to talk about running and motivation, her love of music and to see what she thinks of the new Nike Zoom X Invincible running shoe. Sarah has also designed a bespoke mix exclusively for our runners which is available now for live streaming or download on Soundcloud.

1. You are a fairly new runner, tell us how you started and where you are at currently?

I first started running in the first lockdown. I was so used to living at a million miles an hour in London and going to the gym, so lockdown was a total shock to the system. I started by using the Nike running app which I love as it tracks everything, calories, distance and route and tells you when you've hit every 1km. I'm still hovering around the 6km mark but for me that's quite good, ha!

2. How has running helped you to cope with the changes over the last 12 months?

Running has kept me sane, it clears my head and gets me out of the house. I think exercise in the morning is the best way to start the day and makes me feel like I've achieved something by 9am. For me exercise is more for my mind than my body.

3. Where is your favourite place to run?

I love running along the canals near where I live in East London and around Victoria Park. It was so beautiful in the summer and it made me discover new little areas I'd never been.

4. Do you find music an important motivator when running?

YES! I can't really run without it. Music changes the game with motivation, get some banging tunes on and it just makes you want to run!

5. How do you think Music could enhance people's run?

Music for me is an instant mood enhancer, so once I get some upbeat music on it makes me feel happy and motivated. Music gives you a beat to run to and once you get into a rhythm it somehow makes the run seem a bit easier. Music also takes your focus away from the task you're doing so if I'm struggling to run because I'm tired then I just focus on the tracks and it really helps.

6. What is your go-to genre to listen to when you are out getting those miles in?

House music! It's the only genre I can run to, or Disco!

7. Favourite place to find new music and playlist?

My favourite place to find new music is Spotify and Soundcloud. When I run, I tend to listen to the Defected live stream mixes on Soundcloud which are a mixture of house & disco. There are some great dance music playlists on Spotify too which are constantly updated with brand new music every week.


8. Let’s talk about the Nike Zoom X Invincible. What are your favourite features, and what is the fit like?

I've needed some new running shoes for a long time so these have been a real treat! I love how bouncy and cushioned the shoe is. The fit is great, which has helped with my balance and I feel like they have improved my running.


Are you feeling inspired to lace up your running shoes and hit the road? Check out some of our favourite winter running shoes in this guide, or discover a range of running routes, advice and inspiration over on our Running Hub. Need to get kitted up? Our Running Store has everything you need including Running Shoes, Clothes and Equipment.

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