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The ASICS MAGIC SPEED 2 road shoes are made for both tempo runs and races, thanks to the exceptional energy return that's been updated from their predecessors, to help you achieve your PB.


Our SportsShoes x ASICS athlete Calum Johnson has been busy putting the ASICS MAGIC SPEED 2 to the test. Check out his review below;

Weight:230g (men's) / 185g (women's)
Most suitable for:Tempo runs and races
Stack height:Men's midsole: 29mm (Heel) / 24mm (Toe) Women's midsole: 28mm (Heel) / 23mm (Toe)
Key features:Full Length Carbon TPU Plate, FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning, ASICSGRIP™ Outsole and improved fit.
Type:Cushioned / Neutral
RATINGS:(out of 5)



First thing to say is that the new MAGIC SPEED 2 is a VERY exciting shoe!

Previously, I’ve only worn the METASPEED SKY+ from the carbon-plated ASICS shoe range, so I was looking forward to trying out this new kid on the block. The MAGIC SPEED 2, like the METASPEED SKY+ range, is designed for fast running. It can be worn on training and tempo runs or as a race day shoe. Personally, I would recommend keeping it for the races you are using as training runs, or for those sessions where you want your legs to run a bit quicker! The great thing about this shoe is that it is much more durable than the METASPEED SKY+ shoe so you can afford to wear it more often without seeing too much wear and tear.

In terms of design, ASICS have made this shoe very appealing to the eye. It is a beautiful looking shoe and the colourways available are so bright that you can really stand out from the crowd. In comparison to other shoes built for similar purpose, it is a very robust and firm shoe and therefore does not feel as light and flexible as the METASPEED range of shoes. A good positive is that you can tell from the beginning that it is going to be a very comfortable and snug ride.  

The MAGIC SPEED 2 is very much designed for neutral runners but does offer stability. I am predominantly a neutral foot striker and find this shoe a good fit with no issues in terms of support. I will be honest and say I haven’t worn the original version of the MAGIC SPEED, but this MAGIC SPEED 2 has had a redesign and is much-improved from the first-generation model. Some of the key changes are the redesigned FF Blast+ midsole and a full-length carbon plate that is sandwiched between layers of FF Blast+ foam (in comparison the MAGIC SPEED only had ½ length carbon plate in), which I believe gives the shoe are more responsive but stiffer ride. Also, the 5mm drop helps you transition through your gait cycle quicker, so it does feel noticeably faster than the original MAGIC SPEED shoe.


In terms of fit, I would recommend that anyone wanting to run in these shoes regularly, to go up half a size because they feel more snug than other shoes, which I guess is like any traditional racing shoe that is designed for quick and responsive running. The engineered mesh upper offers a breathable and comfortable feel, which almost feels like a bit of a contrast and relief given that the rest of the shoe has a snug and very secure feel to it.

When I compare this shoe to other carbon-plated racing shoes on the market now, I can feel a difference straight away. This shoe simply doesn’t feel as bouncy and responsive as others. Personally, I believe it has more of a traditional, pre-carbon plate era of racing shoe feel to it (which is ironic given it does have a full-length carbon plate inside the midsole!) So, on a positive note, you’ll probably run quick without feeling like you’re bouncing along too much! Great for training runs then…but maybe keep your METASPEED SKY+ for the big race day. The ride still feels stiff and snappy so it can certainly still be worn for racing.

The MAGIC SPEED 2 is a very durable shoe. It will last a long time so therefore you are getting great value for money. I have worn them for long threshold runs up to 60-minutes and the sole barely looks worn! A thicker rearfoot and an improved ASICSGRIP™ outsole for better grip has helped to improve the durability of the shoe compared to its predecessor. So, it’s really a great shoe choice for when the ground is a bit wet and slick.

For any distance runner, this shoe could be a great addition to your shoe collection. It would be best suited to longer faster sessions and your tempo or threshold runs. Overall, it is extremely comfortable, cushioned and very durable!



  • Full-Length Carbon Plate
    A full-length carbon TPU plate is sandwiched in the midsole to create a smoother and more propulsive experience during the toe-off phase of your stride.

  • Midsole update
    The midsole features FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning on the foam’s top layer to make your stride feel even more propulsive, while keeping the shoe lightweight.

  • ASICSGRIP™ Outsole 
    This outsole materials helps create better grip with the road during your training and racing.

  • Improved Fit
    Same last is used that was developed in conjunction with ASICS athletes for the METASPEED™+ racing shoe to provide an enhanced fit and a slightly more accommodating toe box for a supportive midfoot hold.


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