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REVIEW: Brooks Hyperion Elite 4

Ready to tap into your fastest self ever?

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 road-racing shoes are designed to help you chase down PB's in distances from the 5k to the marathon. New, lighter cushioning is layered high to absorb impact while the Arris carbon fibre propulsion plate helps propel you forward. A new upper delivers breathability and a snug fit. Combined, these elements work together to deliver a smooth, ultralight ride to get you from start to finish in record time.


Drop8mm (Most suitable for heel strikers)
Stack height40mm (Heel) / 32mm (Forefoot)
Most suitable forLight and responsive shoes designed to help you chase down your next PR or to feel a little faster. Suitable for 5K to marathon distance.
Key featuresUpdated Nitrogen-Infused DNA FLASH v2 Cushioning that's soft, light and durable, a full-length Arris SpeedVault Race+ Carbon Plate that helps propel you forward and an updated Performance Fit QuicKnit Upper that provides breathability with a snug, secure fit.


Updated Quicknit Upper

Designed by the pros for next-level speed for road races to deliver a performance fit and distraction-free comfort on race day, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 Running Shoes feature an updated upper. The new breathable upper delivers breathability and a snug, secure fit. This updated upper works to allow air to flow freely through the shoes, supplying your feet with an exceptional level of fresh, breathable comfort. The QuicKnit materials have elasticated elements, meaning the shoes have a second-skin feel, ensuring they remain comfortable, whilst still feeling locked in and secure. The lightweight upper has been designed to help you chase down your next PB or to go a little faster. Lastly, the lacing system locks down the midfoot for a secure and stable ride.


DNA FLASH V2 Midsole + Carbon Speedvault Race+ Plate

Featuring Brooks' updated nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH v2 cushioning, the Hyperion Elite v4 has a new formulation that is lighter than before whilst still remaining durable. With improved responsiveness, this updated race shoe encourages quick turnover and fine-tuned layers of cushioning effectively absorb impact to spare joints as you strike down on unforgiving surfaces. This updated lighter and springier cushioning helps you to feel fresh, even late in the race. A full-length carbon composite Arris SpeedVault Race+ Plate propels you forward and enables efficient strides. This means that the energy you use translates into speed over the racecourse.


Durable Rubber Outsole

Constructed using a durable rubber, the outsole of the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 Running Shoes is extremely durable and will provide you with anti-abrasion protection. This means that you will be able to run on a wide range of different surfaces without worrying about the shape and definition of the outsole being damaged. The rubber is able to form a solid connection with the ground, which will keep you in firm control with a strong grip and traction.


Additional benefits

- DNA FLASH v2 delivers nearly 10% more energy return and is lighter than the previous version.

- DNA FLASH v2 cushioning helps to absorb impact and keep your legs feeling fresh from start to finish.

- SpeedVault Race+ Plate is made using Additive Molding, a new technology that uses bio-based materials for near-zero waste.

- RapidRoll Rocker - the curved sculpting of the midsole works with the carbon fibre plate to propel you forward.

- Developed and tested by Brooks sponsored athletes.

What the Wear Testers say

““I was going to wear my older shoes, then I tried on the new Hyperion Elite 4, and that’s what really put it over the edge. Just having them on put a new belief in the shoes and in myself."


About Brooks

Brooks is an American company that designs high performance men's and women's running shoes that are all built with the right technologies to give you the right fit and function. Every single engineering choice made by Brooks is informed by runners needs and backed by in depth biochemical research. Balancing art, science and runner insight, the products made for you always feature groundbreaking innovations that advance the ride, style, fit and performance of your gear.

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