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FIRST LOOK: Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

Following last year’s success of the Wave Rebellion, Mizuno have upped their super-shoe game again with the highly anticipated Wave Rebellion Pro 2. The WRP2 is aimed at fast runners looking to achieve PBs on the road over distances between 5k and 42k. Over the iconic marathon distance, the WRP2 is aimed at elite and pro runners with an efficient mid to forefoot driven gait.

The primary function of the WRP2 is speed achieved through propulsion via Mizuno’s racing technology Smooth Speed Assist – a complex combination of features and materials designed to maximise efficiency and output.

The WRP2 sits on an aggressive 11° gradient with a cut-away heel and a 1.5mm drop, instantly encouraging the runner onto their mid/forefoot. As with most super shoes, it has a carbon infused plate but it’s the midsole foam that sees one of the biggest upgrades. A full length Enerzy Lite + midsole delivers cushioning, spring and crucially 32% more energy return than the original Rebellion Pro.

The outsole has been widened to offset the aggressive profile, adding stability and connectivity to the road. A breathable engineered mesh combined with a triple lace loop and internal support strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

In the pursuit of the smoothest speed running experience ever, Mizuno has brought the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 to life, from the laboratory to the road.



Stack height:38mm (Heel) / 36.mm (Forefoot)
Most suitable for:Designed for achieving PB's in races ranging from 5K to marathon distance. Most suitable for fore-midfoot strikers.
Key features:A lightweight upper with an internal support strap for a more secure fit, Mizuno Enerzy Lite + Midsole for lightweight cushioning, comfort and support, a carbon-infused wave plate for support and stability and a G3 outsole for superior traction.

The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 builds upon the revolutionary technology from the first version, enhancing the performance by delivering a lighter, softer and more propulsive ride for efficient runners.



To supply your feet with an optimum level of comfort and breathability, the Wave Rebellion Pro Running Shoes utilise a lightweight engineered mesh. This construction has been designed specifically for this shoe and has strategically placed air holes throughout, to enhance breathability, allowing your feet to thrive under racing pressure. The upper has been given an updated fit from the first version and provides an even roomier fit. The limited stitching and materials used in the construction of the Rebellion Pros supply your feet with a comfortable, seamless upper, meaning irritation and discomfort are prevented, allowing you to focus on every stride. Mizuno has also removed the traditional heel counter from the uppers, providing you with a sock-like fit and keeping your heel and ankle secure when wearing the shoes. The tongue is made from an ultra-lightweight mesh fabric, further ensuring the construction of the shoe remains lightweight and comfortable. Working in tandem, 2 lace loops keep the tongue in place during performance, whilst also keeping your foot locked in and stable.



To enhance underfoot cushioning, and provide you with enhanced energy return when running fast, the Rebellion Pro Running Shoes utilises two compounds in the midsole. The top layer of the midsole is a Mizuno Enerzy Lite + compound which is lighter and more responsive than previously used U4iC foam and has been developed with the mission of enhancing performance capacity. It guarantees that athletes retain more of the energy that they put in, all whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. The bottom layer of the midsole uses Mizuno Enerzy Lite which helps to absorb impact and maintain stability. Through the centre of this cushioning is a Mizuno Wave carbon-reinforced nylon plate, which works to enhance stability and provide you support when running at speed. The Mizuno wave carbon midsole provides you with a more propulsive platform enhancing your performance during toe-off, enhancing midfoot stability and stopping your heel from rocking back during landing and transition. Working alongside these materials, the Rebellion Pro Running Shoes have Smooth Speed Assist technology to provide you with a smooth and stable landing platform. Using a cut-out heel area means that you have a more natural forefoot strike landing and a more cushioned landing experience. This rocker shape allows you to push off more naturally and with confidence, thanks to the extended midfoot area.



Finishing up the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 Running Shoe is a G3 rubber outsole. The G3 outsole is an advanced performance outsole that works to enhance traction where you need it so that you can run with confidence. This strong and durable grip keeps you in control of your run whilst also reducing the overall weight of the shoe allowing you to run fast.

So, how does it compare to the original Wave Rebellion Pro and what improvements have been made?


  • The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 has an entirely new midsole composition to it's predecessor, including a full wave plate with a ribbed pattern for a snappier feel.

  • The WRP2 is slightly lighter at 215g vs 220g.

  • The WRP2 has a lower drop, 1.5mm compared to 5.5mm of the original WRP

  • A triple lace loop on the front of the shoe, plus an internal support strap, ensures a more secure fit during exercise.

  • The WRP2 has 32% more energy return than the WRP.


Mizuno is a sporting equipment manufacturer established in Japan in 1906. In addition to developing and marketing products for a wide range of sports, including running, handball, volleyball, football, and golf, the company is also committed to increasing the availability of sporting equipment and promoting sports. Every one of the 115 years since its foundation, Mizuno has taken special pride and pleasure in being able to innovate and provide sports equipment of the highest quality. Each technological advancement strives to create unique sporting equipment and apparel that helps all athletes be the best athlete they can be no matter the sport or the conditions. Mizuno believes that each and every person is guided by the ideal of true sportsmanship. It’s the company’s philosophy which states its mission of "contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports."

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