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FIRST LOOK: Salomon S/LAB Spectur

Introducing the newest super shoe in the Salomon S/LAB lineup, the Spectur is an innovative road racer designed to bring together the optimal cushioning, stability and energy return needed to go the distance with comfort and speed.

Stack height38.5mm (Heel) / 30.5mm (Forefoot)
Most suitable forRace day speed and comfort over marathon distances.
Key featuresA full length energy FOAM+ midsole, unique geometry and stability.


The road racing offering from Salomon's S/Lab range continues to grow with the Spectur, following the release of the S/Lab Phantasm 2 that stormed off the shelves at lightening speed last year.

While maintaining the S/Lab performance credentials, the S/Lab Spectur looks to bring more than just speed to race day and brings with it an increase in stack height, more stability, and ultimately more comfort for those taking to the roads for longer race distances.


The Tech

EnergyFOAM+ midsole

A full length energyFOAM+ foam can be found in the midsole which is designed to bring dynamic energy in a lightweight package. You can expect unrivalled energy return with a level of cushioning that will keep legs feeling fresher for longer.


Known by Salomon as the "jet packs for your feet", the Spectur features a carbon power blade that works together with a unique geometry to optimise the time spent on the ground for fluid transitions.

Wide Heel Platform

By increasing the width of the heel platform, the Specture offers even more stability, that in conjunction with the energyBLADE, brings next level confidence to anyone on race day and allowing you to smash your PBs.


Summary of Key Features

Fresher Legs for Longer

Added stability and cushioning that doesn't impact the legs on race day.

An alternative race day option

A performance focused shoe providing a more cushioned energy return.

Comfort first

Designed to be the race day of choice for those taking on marathon distances that require more comfort along the way.

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