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REVIEW: Under Armour Infinite Elite

Equipped with outstanding, plush cushioning for the ultimate springy feel on your longer runs, the new Under Armour Infinite Elite is UA’s answer to your max cushioning and endurance needs. As part of the brand’s new running footwear franchise, the UA Infinite Collection, the Infinite Elite joins the UA range as a shoe that helps you get the miles in before your half marathon and marathon efforts.

We’ve put the Under Armour Infinite Elite to the test: Our run ambassador Lisa Knab has tried on the new shoes over some training miles and shares what she thinks about the new Under Armour running shoe that is designed specifically for your long distance training runs.

Weight262g (Womens), 337g (Mens)
Stack height36mm (Heel), 28mm (Forefoot)
Heel-to-toe drop8mm
TypeNeutral cushioned
SizeTrue to size
Fit & WidthStandard width
Most suitable forYour daily training runs, reaching from 1k up to 21k long runs, endurance training & recovery runs
Key FeaturesSpringy UA HOVR™+ cushioning UA IntelliKnit knit upper
RATINGS(out of 5)
Fit & Feel4/5

Under Armour Infinite Elite

First impressions

The UA Infinite Elite running shoe is a very comfortable and cosy shoe. My first impression is that it offers a great fit and comfortable feel when worn straight out of the box. Thanks to a wider sole and reinforcement in the heel, your foot is held in place securely. I also like the stylish design of the shoes!

The Upper

The UA IntelliKnit upper material is made of a slightly thicker fabric, but adapts very well to the foot. UA IntelliKnit is a knitted upper with different textures of weave depending on the area of the foot it wraps around. The perforated structure in the centre of the forefoot ensures breathability, while the sides are reinforced to offer added security and a locked-in-feel.

I have also tested the shoes in rainy conditions and even though the perforated upper is breathable, my feet definitely did not get wet right away during my runs in the rain. The shoes come with a traditional lacing system which, unfortunately, doesn't offer much room for manoeuvre, but the laces are long enough to extend the lacing into the additional hole at the ankle to apply lock-lacing, or even apply a double-knot.

I personally prefer a slightly lighter upper material, which is why I’d only rate the upper with 3 out of 5 stars.

Under Armour Infinite Elite

The Midsole

I’m impressed by the midsole and good cushioning of these running shoes. The extra springy UA HOVR™+ cushioning reduces the impact load, adds returns energy and provides propulsion.

For this reason, I think the shoe is suitable for every running style, regardless of you being a forefoot runner, midfoot runner or a heel striker. Thanks to the slightly wider midsole shape, especially all round the heel, the shoe offers good lateral stability when running. The wider midsole at the heel supports soft landings, reduces stress and increases overall stability.

The midsole is reminiscent of adidas' Ultraboost material. Personally, I'm not a fan of this type of midsole material and therefore rated the midsole with a 3 out of 5, but I would recommend the shoes for anyone looking for a springy feel with that extra bit of stability.

Under Armour Infinite Elite

The Outsole

The rubber outsole of the UA Infinite Elite offers a sticky grip across varying road surfaces. The detailed tread pattern of the outsole is not only suitable for asphalt, but also allows you to run on park paths or forest paths. So if your longer runs take you from the road to a few country paths, you won’t struggle. 

Under Armour have supplied the trainers with durable, ground absorbing rubber that offers good ground. Under the heel the outsole design features little pods in the high-impact strike zones that resist the trauma of heel-strikes, making these shoes a good choice for heel-strikers as well. 

The outsole features flex grooves as well which made the shoes feel quite flexible as well. Overall, 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Under Armour Infinite Elite

Fit & Feel

The shoe feels very comfortable, plushy and pretty lightweight. You notice the weight of the sole when lifting, which ensures safety. The shoe sits firmly around the midfoot and heel areas, and you will notice the vast amount of cushioning especially in the forefoot cushioning.

The toe box is designed slightly wider and the breathable mesh in the forefoot gives your feet complete freedom to move. The heel area is also designed with a foam-padded ankle collar that offers reinforcement and reduces the risk of injury and in-shoe slippage, so your feet will feel very secure in these running shoes.

In terms of sizing, I’d recommend going with your normal running shoe size as the shoes are true to size. Overall, I’d give the fit and feel of the UA Infinite Elite a 4 out of 5.

Under Armour Infinite Elite

Who is this shoe suitable for?

The UA Infinite Elite running shoe is a classic all-rounder. The shoe is suitable for every type of runner for training runs and easy endurance runs, and can easily be used as your go to option for recovery runs as well. In my opinion, these running  shoes are well suited for beginner runners, as the shoe supports every running style and returns energy regardless of your strike type. The shoe is also suitable for different surfaces which allows you to go on long runs that take you to different surfaces.


• Overall, a classic all-rounder that is suitable for every runner for training runs of any distance - our testers recommend the shoes from 1k up to 21k endurance runs.

• A great option for beginner runners as well.

• The slightly firmer upper material on the midfoot provides good support

• The slightly wider midsole and the reinforcement at the heel provide security and stability when running.

• A shoe with design features that maximise comfort and stability without compromising on performance.


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