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REVIEW: Under Armour Velociti Elite 2 vs Flow Velociti Elite

This season, Under Armour is introducing a must-have shoe: the Velociti Elite 2, the second version of the highly popular Flow Velociti Elite. This new iteration is now equipped with a full-length carbon plate.

Our SportsShoes France ambassadors had the opportunity to evaluate this new addition to the UA racing shoe segment and compare it to its predecessor. We are excited to find out what Louis and Timothé have to say. Their reviews promise to provide valuable insight for runners considering the UA Velociti Elite 2 for their fast training sessions and on race day.

Key featuresVelociti Elite 2
Recommended forAchieving records in races ranging from 5 km up to the marathon distance.
Weight232 g
Heel-to-toe drop2 mm
HighlightsA dynamic WARP 2.0 upper, TPE midsole for added protection, reflective details, UA Flow midsole with lightweight technology, full-length carbon plate to minimize energy loss, and durable rubber outsole for great traction.
REVIEWOut of 5

What's New ?

After trying out the Velociti Elite 2, Timothé acknowledges its significant evolution from the Flow Velociti Elite. With increased midsole thickness, improved traction, and an updated mesh upper for enhanced comfort, the shoe offers a vastly improved running experience in all aspects. For him, it's evident that this shoe, tailored for serious runners seeking top-tier performance, is now highly suitable for races and is even preferred over some of its closest competitors. The performance in a threshold session at 3:10 (19km/h) clearly demonstrates the energy return of this pair, placing it on par with its most well-known contenders.

When comparing the Velociti Elite 2 and Under Armour's Flow Velociti Elite, several key features and similarities stand out. Both models emphasise performance and innovation, catering to runners seeking cutting-edge technology and comfort.

The Velociti Elite 2 introduces Flow technology, which replaces traditional foam in the midsole with a mesh structure. This innovation aims to provide a lighter yet highly responsive ride, optimising energy return with each step. The lightweight construction enhances agility and speed, making this shoe an ideal choice for runners seeking an agile, dynamic feel.

The UA Velociti Elite 2 retains its predecessor's focus on speed and performance while introducing improvements to enhance comfort and overall support. With a full-length carbon plate integrated into the midsole, the UA Velociti Elite 2 offers increased propulsion and efficiency, ideal for runners looking to maximise their speed and endurance. In addition, the Warp 2.0 upper enhances breathability and reduces containment issues, ensuring a secure yet breathable fit.


Who's the shoe for ?


Thanks to its advanced cushioning, the UA Velociti Elite 2 is also suitable for marathons, but it is particularly well-suited for experienced, fast runners. The shoe's design is focused on maximising speed and quickness, making it a versatile choice for various race distances. Whether tackling a 5k sprint, a 10k race, a half-marathon, or even a full marathon, the Velociti Elite 2 offers the responsiveness and support needed for peak performance.

Louis found the enhanced midsole cushioning to provide excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on his legs during long-distance runs. This feature is particularly beneficial for marathon runners, who require both endurance and protection over extended periods. Additionally, the lightweight construction and dynamic design ensure that the shoe doesn't weigh runners down, allowing for a more efficient and faster running experience.

The Velociti Elite 2's versatility extends beyond its cushioning. Louis appreciated the shoe's upper mesh, designed for breathability and comfort, ensuring that his feet remain cool and dry, even during intense runs. Additionally, he is a fan of its unique look and bright colours, which often catch the eye of other runners.



In summary, while both models offer exceptional performance and innovation, the Velociti Elite 2 stands out for those seeking unparalleled speed and efficiency. With its advanced carbon plate technology and upgraded upper design, it becomes the ideal choice for runners aiming to maximise their performance on the track or road. For those prioritising speed and efficiency in their runs, the Velociti Elite 2 emerges as the clear winner.

We'd like to thank Timothé and Louis for giving us their thoughts on the UA Velociti Elite 2. To find out more about their experience, we encourage you to follow them on their Instagram account.

How about giving the UA Velociti Elite 2 a go?

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