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What is parkwalk?

Do you need to be able to run 5k to take part in parkrun? Absolutely not, try a parkwalk! 


What is parkwalk?

There is no time limit at parkrun, so you can take it at any pace you want! Every week more than 13,000 people walk at parkrun. It allows you to walk with friends, meet new people and soak up the parkrun atmosphere. No one finishes last, as every parkrun event has a tailwalker to ensure that everyone completes the parkrun safely. There are also parkwalkers around the route to ensure you don’t have to walk alone, if you don’t want to. So go ahead and walk your 5k on Saturday or volunteer to be a parkwalker or tail walker! 

How to become a tail walker or parkwalker

A tail walker sets off at the back of the field to ensure that everyone completes the parkrun safely and no one finishes last. It is also their job to look out for any problems on the course during the parkrun and pick up any signs on the final lap. As a tail walker you receive both a volunteer credit and a walk/run credit, provided you have your parkrun barcode with you. 

A parkwalker walks amongst the participants at their own pace. They are there to encourage everyone taking part and demonstrate that you can complete parkrun at whatever pace you feel comfortable. There can be multiple parkwalkers at any one parkrun. As a parkwalker you receive both a volunteer credit and a walk/run credit, provided you have your parkrun barcode with you. 


To sign up to be a tail walker or parkwalker register for parkrun here.

  1. Update your parkrun profile - go to manage your profile, email options and opt in to receiving volunteer appeal emails.
  2. Look at the future roster for volunteers on the volunteer tab of the event page of the parkrun you would like to be a tail walker or volunteer at. 
  3. If you would like to do any of the volunteer roles, email the event (using the email at the top of the page) with your full name and parkrun ID (this is the ‘A’ number found on your barcode) and which role you would like to do.
  4. The event team will confirm the volunteer role you can fill and when to meet ahead of the parkrun.

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