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8 Best Hiking Snacks to Stay Fuelled

8 Best Hiking Snacks to Stay Fuelled

8 Best Hiking Snacks to Stay Fuelled

Written By: SportsShoes

Kit? Check. Route? Check. 5:30am alarm set? Check! Snacks? Well where do we start… If you’re anything like me, thenpowering through that long exhausting hike is made a WHOLE lot easier with tasty snacks. There’s nothing better thanfinding that scenic little pit stop and knowing you’re about to pull something delicious out of your pack. Finding asnack that’s tasty, boosts nutrition and gives you energy can be a little trick; so here's 8 delicious hiking snacks tokeep you powering through your next hike.

1. Seasonal fruit

Giving you the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre you need. Along with that immediate energy boost you’ll becraving, your favorite fruit is a great hiking snack. Simply slice and dice a few of your favorites and throw them in atupperware box or reusable bag. We suggest apples, berries, pears, mango and kiwi.

[Top Tip. Fill a bag with grapes and pop it in the freezer the night before. Come snack time they’ll be cold, refreshingand so delicious you’ll think they’re sweets!]

2. Oat bars

Salty-sweet with lots of crunch, oat bars are the perfect on-the-go snack to help keep one foot in front of the other.High in carbohydrates, oats help release energy slowly keeping you energised all day. If you’re heading to your localshop, look for good ingredients and natural sugars such as dates, agave and currents avoiding surgery chocolate thatwill zap your energy. Alternatively, you can bake your own by combining oats, almond/peanut butter, coconut oil, honeyplus nuts and seeds.

3. Sandwiches

For that lunchtime stop you want something filling, light and totally delicious. Sandwiches are a hiking staple, but weall know too well that they never taste as good as when you make them fresh the night before. To avoid the classic soggysandwich, I suggest the following: Ham, salad with pickle or salad cream, tuna with cucumber or cheese and tomato in afresh brown bread roll.

4. Peanut butter and banana

When those knees are shaking and the calves are starting to cramp, reach for a banana. Full with potassium helpingmuscle contractions and nerve signals, bananas are the perfect easy snack. Want a little extra? Mash the banana on arice cake and add a little peanut butter for a salty, crunchy kick.

5. Nuts and seeds

It’s been proven time and time again that nuts have a positive impact on our overall heart health. Nuts are tasty,convenient, and make the perfect snack. Peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Folate, Copper, andphosphorus while other nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashews are known for their high calories and abundance ofproteins, carbs and healthy fats. These nutrients can provide you with a slow release of energy during the hike.

6. Hummus and veggie sticks

Chickpeas are amazing at helping fight inflammation, so if you’re like me and your feet and hands are prone toperipheral edema (swelling due to altitude), this is the perfect snack for you. Cucumber is 95% water which perfectlykeeps you hydrated, chop it up with your favourite vegetables and dip into the hummus for a tasty and nutritious savourysnack.

7. Trail mix

It wouldn't be a hike without a trail mix. Right? These are super easy to find in the shop, but the fun comes frommaking your own. Whether it is fruity, nutty or chocolatey, pick your favourite snacks and mix them all together in areusable bag.

8. Beef jerky or meat sticks

High in protein and a bit too easy to finish the whole pack. If you need a break from the sweet snacks, then beef jerkyis your go-to. There’s an abundance of flavours to choose from in any supermarket or shop. Vegetarian? Veggie jerky isofficially a thing, so no need to miss out. Alternatively vegetable crisps are equally as delicious.

Hopefully now your pack is full to the brim with delicious, nutritious snacks that’ll push you to the very top. Takingto the mountains? Make sure you have all the right hiking kit you need to get you to the top, or head to our Hiking Hub for more tips and inspiration. And remember to tag us in your pictures on social media, simply @sportsshoes for us torate your snack game.

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