SportsShoes x Muslim Hikers - Championing Diversity Outdoors

SportsShoes x Muslim Hikers - Championing Diversity Outdoors

SportsShoes x Muslim Hikers - Championing Diversity Outdoors

Written By: SportsShoes

Muslim Hikers is a grass root initiative set up to help empower and inspire Muslim communities to get outdoors more. What started off as just an Instagram page for online community during lockdown has now rapidly grown into a massive global community with hundreds joining their hiking events across the UK. Muslim Hikers is part of the Active Inclusion Network, which also includes Muslim Cyclists and Muslim Runners.

SportsShoes are proud to support Muslim Hikers and we are delighted to announce our biggest collaborative event of the year so far; the annual Snowdon Trek on Sunday 5th June 2022.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded hikers & adventurers from across the country, and enjoy a scenic social trek as part of a professionally organised event with qualified mountain guides.

Everyone is welcome regardless of religious background or ability. Whether you're a seasoned mountaineer, or a first-time walker, we invite you to join us as we scale the highest mountain in Wales.



Want to know what it’s like to take part in a Muslim Hikers Event?

We spoke to Raadia Imran, an active member of Muslim Hikers, about her experience of climbing Cader Idris in North Wales, as part of the most recent Muslim Hikers group event.

Hiking: walking three hours up a big hill, just to walk back down it again. And people actually do this for fun? Why? I had asked myself. 

Huffing and puffing up a mountain, alongside a group consisting largely of strangers is not my usual Sunday activity. It won’t have been for many others hiking on that day either. We are city kids. Raised around shopping centres, inner city parks and the occasional trip to the beach. The outdoors that we know, is the countryside lining the M6 whilst driving to Birmingham to visit family!

So, where on earth do I now begin with climbing a mountain? Three days prior to the hike, I was searching for equipment and feeling a little out of place. Scanning my kit list and looking at clothes and footwear I would usually scoff with distaste at. This wasn’t me.

The Muslim Hikers WhatsApp group chat was full of advice, and it was comforting to know that others too were also feeling apprehensive. How should I tie my hijab? Could I still be modest whilst clad in lycra, active wear? How many layers should I be bringing?

It’s so easy for us to overcomplicate things and use the fear of the unknown to place limitations on ourselves. Last Sunday however, Muslim hikers helped me to smash through those self-imposed barriers. Showing me that hey girl - you can do it! And all whilst covering your hair, donning a baggy top and with little experience of hiking.


It felt exhilarating. Not an escapism from my daily life, but an awakening. 

Bringing me out of myself and stepping away, literally, from my problems and into a bigger picture. Each step turned up the brightness inside me. The contrast and the hue increased as the hike progressed. Each footstep sharpened my realisation that the world is vast and beautiful, and we are blessed to belong only as a tiny part of it all. 

Hiking up Cader Idris was exposure to life painted differently. A beautiful backdrop that I want to be a part of again and again....and again.

I look at that photograph of me, and I almost don’t recognise myself. Who is that girl grinning so widely?  Everything from the practical, black fleece and those chunky boots to that unprepared pose, is not the version I have of me in my head. (I’m a little more sophisticated there!)

But it portrays something unfiltered and something natural: the pure joy I felt as I walked; wind whipping round my face whilst taking in the beautiful creation of Allah Almighty.

So, guess what…hiking IS for me. And it is for you too.

The Great Outdoors is there for all of us to enjoy. So, let’s go get it together with Muslim Hikers!


Follow Raadia and all her outdoor adventures here

Visit the Muslim Hikers website for more information about the Snowden Trek and for all upcoming events.

Join our Sportsshoes x komoot community now to find inspiration, plan outdoor adventures and share your stories. Because it's no fun standing still.

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