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Instagram Hiking Report UK

Instagram Hiking Report UK

Instagram Hiking Report UK

Written By: SportsShoes

It seems hiking has undergone a change of image, with a recent story from The Telegraph looking at how the outdoor pursuit has now become ′peak chic′. The interest in hiking in the UK has increased year on year over the last five years (according to Google Trends) and our latest hiking report of the millennial generation looks at how 18-30 year olds in the UK are embracing the activity.

One of the key places to look to when hunting down new trends and the causes behind them is Instagram, and certainly American celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens and Reese Witherspoon sharing their amazing photos from their hikes has inspired the UK population.

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Over the last three years there have been 677K mentions of hiking in UK Instagram posts and we've analysed the locations of these posts in order to report which routes and trails across Britain are proving the most popular on social media.


Most Mentioned Countries for Hiking in the UK

Scotland takes first place as the most frequently mentioned country in the UK for a hike on Instagram:

Country Instagram Mentions
Scotland 84,884
Wales 49,284
England 36,672
Ireland 7,697


Most Mentioned Counties for Hiking in the UK

The South West counties take prime position for hiking mentions on Instagram, thanks to their heady mix of coastal routes and wild moor trails:

County Instagram Mentions
Cornwall 12718
Devon 10807
Dorset 6516
Kent 4018
Staffordshire 1456

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Most Mentioned Routes for Hikes in the UK

Snowdonia came out as the most talked-about hiking area with 20,418 mentions on Instagram, followed by the Lake District (6,051 mentions) and then the Peak District (4,536). However, we took a deeper dive into the specific trails that appeared within these areas, and the rest of the UK, to determine the most popular hiking routes on Instagram:

Route Instagram Mentions
Pen y Fan 2,859
Ben Nevis 2,290
West Highland Way 1,210
Pentlands 1,139
Jurassic Coast 812
Mount Snowdon 600
Monsal Trail 568
Whinlatter 475
Sgurr 362
Pembrokeshire Coast 298
Win Hill 293
North Downs Way 256
Sligachan 241
Cape Wrath 239
Glen Nevis 227
Glenfinnan Viaduct 199
Bedgebury 194
Ingleton Waterfalls Trail 172
Norfolk Coast 128


Most Mentioned Routes for Hikes in the UK

The analysis showed a surprising amount of city locations mentioned in relation to hiking and walks in the UK. With hiking capturing the attention of millennials, the concept of an urban hike is gathering momentum, and the following cities were revealed as the most popular places for an urban hiking adventure:

City Instagram Mentions
London 28,307
Edinburgh 12,726
Bristol 4,668
Manchester 3,788
Brighton 2,825
Belfast 1,902
Malvern 824
Fort William 670
Falmouth 508
Lynmouth 156
Buckingham 149
Tonbridge 137

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Source: Brandwatch data analysis of 677K Instagram posts dating August 2015 to early September 2018 from the UK.

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