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Hoka Torrent 3 Trail Running Shoes - SS23

RRP £119.99£69.99 - RRP £119.99

Hoka Torrent 3 Trail Running Shoes - SS23

RRP £119.99£69.99 - RRP £119.99

Colour: Thyme / Fiesta

Out of Stock!

Out of Stock!

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Fast. Fluid. Fun. Utilising the same PROFLY midsole construction for forgiving landings and propulsive toe-offs, the Torrent 3 has been reimag...

  • Trail Shoe
  • Product Code: HOK1980

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Hoka Torrent 3 Trail Running Shoes

Fast. Fluid. Fun. Utilising the same PROFLY midsole construction for forgiving landings and propulsive toe-offs, the Torrent 3 has been reimagined with a stripped back upper.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Developed to provide lightweight comfort and maximum speed, the Hoka Torrent 3 Trail Running Shoes have been constructed using an engineered mesh. Unlike the previous versions, there is only one layer of the engineered mesh rather than two providing you with a lighter upper. For added protection and support the upper is reinforced with TPU overlays also helping the structure of the shoes. The lightweight mesh wraps the foot in breathable comfort and ensures added flexibility. Made from recycled fibres, the material will provide you with an extremely comfortable fit. The material is extremely lightweight, which contributes to the overall weight of the shoe by keeping it down. Hot air is easily able to escape through the layer of mesh, where it is then replaced by cooler air from outside of the shoe. This will mean that there will be a constant cycle working to keep your feet feeling comfortable in a controlled climate. The material is able to stretch, which will mean that in every stride that you take no matter what size it is, the material will react to it, reducing the risk of damage being caused to it. Hoka have added a lay flat gusseted tongue, which helps to keep debris out whilst sitting comfortably against the foot reducing the risk of rubbing. Completing the upper is a lacing system that locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.

ProFly Midsole

ProFly is a dual-density midsole made using rubberised foam that aims to give you a forgiving landing and a responsive toe-off. This has meant that Hoka has used softer cushioning in the heel and firmer foam in the forefoot to ensure you land comfortably but push off quickly. The thick material covers the whole of the foot, making sure that all areas are protected from any impact on the ground. Towards the bottom, the midsole material absorbs impacts from bumps and scrapes. Stopping it from reaching the foot, the higher layer of the midsole works to counteract these forces, which in turn provides the feet with rebound and bounce back. This will give you an extra spring in your step. The aim of ProFly was to make for an even lighter and more resilient ride to support you as much as possible when you're running.

Sticky Rubber Outsole

When trail running it is imperative to have an assured footing, with difficult, unpredictable terrain often causing obstacles and challenges to your performance. The Torrent 3 boasts an even stickier rubber outsole compound compared to the 2's, which delivers an abundance of grip and traction to help fill you with confidence as you take on the trails. The highly durable outsole is able to maintain its high level of performance no matter what is put in its path. The long-lasting rubber looks after itself when exposed to uneven surfaces, abrasions, and scrapes. This assists with certain movements, like takeoffs, landings, and sudden changes of direction. Completing the outsole are 4mm multi-directional lugs that give you the give required to conquer all trails.

Manufacturer Code: HOK1127914TFST

  • Single Layer Engineered Mesh - Increases ventilation and comfort.
  • Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot
  • ProFly Midsole - Protective and propelling sole covers entire length of the foot.
  • Sticky Rubber Outsole - Enables supreme grip on uneven terrain.
  • Multi directional Lugs - Anchors the shoe in wet and testing terrain.
  • Drop - 5mm.
  • Weight - 248g.
  • Stack Height - 23mm

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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