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Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoes - AW20

RRP £119.99£83.99 - RRP £119.99

Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoes - AW20

RRP £119.99£83.99 - RRP £119.99

Colour: Blue

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Out of Stock!

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A lightweight feel for a personal best, for those working hard to achieve their goals, the lightweight Kinvara 11 has been whittled to be exactly what...

  • Cushioned Shoe
  • Product Code: SAU3958

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Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoes

A lightweight feel for a personal best, for those working hard to achieve their goals, the lightweight Kinvara 11 has been whittled to be exactly what one needs to be efficient, go fast, chase PR's, and break personal barriers.

The History of the Saucony Kinvara

In 2008, Chris Mahoney (Saucony's Vice President of design) and Linsey Corbin (Seven-time Ironman Champion, and Saucony Athlete) met to re-imagine what a running shoe could be. Defying industry norms and identifying the desire for a more simplified running experience, the Kinvara was born. No longer separate entities, the ground-breaking Kinvara seamlessly integrated responsive performance and lightweight stability together in one shoe and introduced a 4mm offset to the market; highlighting the importance of underfoot geometry to the foot/shoe relationship, Saucony transformed the way the foot moved through the gait cycle focussing on every aspect of the runner's stride. A year later, Saucony gifted Corbin with the newly developed (soon to become iconic) neon-orange Kinvaras. Sprinting through the final two miles of Palani Hill, the shoes that had enabled Corbin to fly through a leg-burning 112-mile bike stage and 26.2-mile marathon, crossed the finish line with Corbin winning the final podium position of the Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2009. A decade on, the award-winning Kinvara continues to resonate with runners everywhere representing the innovative and ongoing product philosophy of the Saucony brand. To celebrate the game-changing Kinvara, the special edition 10th generation Kinvara will commemorate the shoe's original iconic design and colorway that took Linsey Corbin over the finish line of the Ironman World Championships and re-defined the benchmark of long-distance racing shoes.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Minimal, engineered mesh uppers will encase each foot in breathable comfort. Perforations in the fabric increase airflow to create a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Lightweight FLEXFILM overlays wrap the foot to provide structure and support. Hot melted onto the upper to minimise stitching, they supply an irritation-free fit; because we recognise how rubbing and blisters can ruin your day. This exoskeletal frame tightens around your foot as you pull the laces, resulting in a secure fit and soft support. An internal strap system embraces the midfoot, uniting with a woven heel support to promote complete lockdown, anchoring you to the midsole and reducing in-shoe slippage so that you can enjoy smooth, uninterrupted strides.

PWRRUN+ Midsole

Using their brand new innovative PWRRUN+ in the Kinvara 11, Saucony has developed a midsole that will give you the next generation of cushioning. The PWRRUN+ midsole is 25% lighter than the previous lightest midsole, which will dramatically lower the weight of the shoe. As well as this, the midsole is three more durable than previous midsoles, which will improve the long-term functionality of the shoe, making it always feel the same mile after mile. With double the amount of flexibility than previous Saucony midsoles, this will improve the responsiveness of the shoe, giving you an added spring in your step to push you on faster. The high-performing material within the midsole is also three times less heat sensitive than previous midsoles, which will mean that no matter what time of the year or what conditions you are running in, the midsole will always deliver a premium performance. FormFit technology has been used within the midsole to create a dynamic fit system, by adapting to the shape and motion of the runner's foot, eliminating millimetres of movement with each stride. This 3D approach to fit uses an underfoot cradle construction that is topped with cushioning that shapes to your foot. Not only does FormFit work to provide a comfortable and supportive fit but, it is also highly flexible and hardwearing increasing the overall durability and comfort over long periods of time. FormFit surrounds the foot in a made-for-me feel which accommodates the feet giving them a feeling like these shoes were made specifically for you.

Tri- Flex Outsole

A Tri-Flex, XT-900 rubber outsole completes the Kinvara 10, the outsole formation delivers more ground contact and optimal flexibility at the toe-off, benefitting the wearer with new levels of traction, comfort and control. Supplying long-wearing and sticky grip on every road the Kinvara 10 can take you anywhere. The chevron tread pattern lets the sole easily flex, so you get fluid, unhindered movement. The tuning fork-shaped outsole aids quick transitions from landing to take-off creating guidance lines for a smooth gait cycle. For the athletes who crave adaptive support and bounce, choose the Saucony Kinvara 11.

Manufacturer Code: S2055-110

  • Engineered mesh upper - For a breathable and supportive fit.
  • FLEXFILM overlays - Provide structure and support.
  • Internal strap system - Embraces the midfoot where it's needed the most.
  • Woven heel support - Secures the rearfoot.
  • PWRRUN Cushioning - Lightweight and responsive cushioning.
  • FORMFIT Contoured Footbed- Offers a custom feel fit and cloud-like comfort.
  • Tri-Flex outsole - Durable and flexible grip.
  • Tuning Fork Shaped Outsole- Aids quick transitions for a smooth gait cycle.
  • Forefoot Height- 24.5mm.
  • Heel Height- 28.5 mm.
  • Offset- 4 mm.
  • Weight- 233g

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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