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What is Percussive Therapy & Which Theragun to use?

What is Percussive Therapy & Which Theragun to use?

What is Percussive Therapy & Which Theragun to use?

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Find out everything you need to know about implementing percussive therapy into your daily life and activities, including the features and benefits of using a Theragun as part of your routine.


Created by Dr Jason Wersland, the Theragun is the industry leader in hand-held percussive therapy devices. This all-inclusive product has been developed for everyone to use safely and easily, not just athletes, sports trainers and medical professionals. Its unique triangular shape has been ergonomically designed to help treat yourself and others more easily and effectively, allowing you to access difficult to reach areas of your body with minimal effort.


Percussive therapy is the rapid and repetitive application of pressure applied to the body, allowing muscle tissue to be stimulated by vibration and pressure, a necessary and essential part of the muscular recovery process.

The Theragun combines the science of amplitude, frequency and torque, which collectively work together to help the body recover by improving movement and relieving pain.

Amplitude is the distance that the device head travels in one revolution, which ultimately affects the size of the vibration and the pressure that is being applied. The direction of the amplitude is perpendicular to the body. Combined with the frequency of the device, this contact is what causes the muscle tissue to be stimulated. Finally, the torque is the power of the device in a single revolution and is responsible for creating the force to apply this pressure.

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Percussive therapy is not intended to be a direct replacement for a physiotherapist, but rather an easy and accessible way to treat yourself at home as part of a regular routine, something which is especially handy during the current global pandemic.

There are many types of local and global responses that your body has to percussive therapy. These include increased blood flow and oxygenation of muscles. It increases the temperature of the muscular tissue and helps to transport metabolites to and from the affected areas. Percussive therapy is also scientifically proven to reduce muscle pain and tension, increase the excitability of the central nervous system and enhance relaxation.

The body’s responses to percussive therapy, creates many mental and physical benefits and effects.

These include;

  1. Reduces muscle pain and soreness
  2. Increases blood flow
  3. Increases the health and function of soft tissue
  4. An increased amount of oxygen delivered to the muscle
  5. Maximises recovery
  6. Improves the range of movement, motion and performance
  7. Experience relief from pain to improve well being


Currently there are four different devices within the Theragun* range, the Mini, Prime, Elite and the Pro.

*All models come equipped with charging appliances, a travel case and a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

The Mini

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The latest addition to the range, this portable, pocket-sized device really packs a punch. Compared with other models, it’s obviously much smaller in size and weight. It has a QX35 proprietary brushless motor, providing ample power for quick massages, but at a reduced amplitude of 12mm, compared to the others at 16mm. It allows for 20lbs of no-stall force, three built-in speeds (compared to five), one standard ball attachment and 150 mins of battery life. Like the Elite, it comes in a choice of black or white colour and is easy to carry and transport.

The Prime

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This is the most affordable device in the range with standard capabilities, including QX65 proprietary brushless motor, 30lbs max of no-stall force and 120 mins of battery life. It also comes with four additional attachments.

The Elite

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The Theragun Elite shares the same QX65 proprietary brushless motor and 120 mins of battery life as the Prime. However, as the next level up, it is the quietest of the full-sized models and boasts a few additional features. These include three built-in presets, a force meter, 40lbs max of no-stall force, includes wireless charging, comes with five different attachments and is available in a colour choice of black or white.

The Pro

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The most powerful, commercial grade percussive therapy device on the market, specifically aimed at the professional. Although it shares the same ergonomic shape and design as the Prime and Elite, there are a number of noticeable upgrades. The first of these is the more powerful QX150 professional-grade motor which allows the device to produce more power and ensure 60lbs of no-stall force, although it is slightly noisier as a consequence. It also has an adjustable, rotating arm with four optional positions, wireless charging, an extended battery life of 300 mins, an additional external battery and six different attachments.

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Our Sportsshoes Trail Running Ambassador, Ben Mounsey, reviewed the Theragun Pro after using it over the last few months.

I decided to purchase a hand-held percussive therapy device after borrowing one from a friend last year to treat a tight hamstring. I spent a long time researching a variety of different models, before deciding that the Theragun Pro was the best choice for me. I opted for this particular model as I train 7-10 times a week and wanted a product specifically designed for serious, professional athletes. Compared with other similar devices on the market, this was the most powerful, had the greatest range of additional attachments, the best battery life and a wealth of easy to access support and information.

As an avid traveller and someone who is constantly on the move, the Theragun has proven to be a life changing device. The fact that I can treat myself using percussive therapy, whenever and wherever, has allowed me to travel, train and compete with increased confidence and ease.

The Theragun app provided me with all the information and education I need to get the very best from my device. I’ve since embedded this practice as part of my daily routine and now regularly use the Theragun before, during and after exercise.

After regularly using the Theragun over a number of weeks, I really began to feel an improvement in my flexibility and motion, but ultimately it was the ability to immediately treat aches, pains and niggles that has proven to be the most valuable benefit. The clever, ergonomic design of the Theragun also means that I can easily treat myself without having to rely on someone else to do it for me.

This is a game-changing, must-have device for every type of athlete.

View the full range of Theragun products on our site.

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