What Running Shoes Do Top Athletes Wear?

What Running Shoes Do Top Athletes Wear?

What Running Shoes Do Top Athletes Wear?

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Almost every runner has a favourite go-to running shoe and choosing the right trainer for you is essential - but which shoe is the choice of the elites? We caught up with the athletes at New Balance House, Manchester, to find out more about their choice of running trainers.

What is New Balance House?

Team New Balance MCR is an exciting new initiative and one of the first of its kind in the UK. The project fully supports a team of elite athletes as they compete at the peak of their individual discipline. Living and training together under the guidance of top international coach Steve Vernon, the team is also fully supported with New Balance kit, allowing the athletes to focus solely on their training and performance.

The team includes elite runners across a variety of disciplines, including Ross Millington (British 10,000m champion 2016) Jonny Mellor (10,000m and Marathon) Elinor Kirk (10,000m), Anna Silvander (Swedish 800m indoor gold medallist) and Lauren Howarth (5,000m).

A Clear Winner – the New Balance 880

So, which shoe was the choice of the pros? Out of the wide range of New Balance running shoes a clear winner emerged from the athletes. All of the team except Jonny Mellor choose the New Balance 880 as their trusted go-to model for the majority of their mileage.

Why? The New Balance 880 is an ultra-responsive and cushioned high mileage shoe, featuring dual layer TruFuse foam for long lasting luxurious comfort. Combine that with an engineered seamless upper and a 10mm differential, and you have a shoe that provides optimum comfort and protection mile after mile. That makes it perfect for runners putting in the miles who also like a responsive feel underfoot. In short, as - Eli Kirk puts it - they are “soft, cushioned and you can do a lot of running in them!”

Jonny Mellor’s Choice – the New Balance 1080

Of all of the athletes, marathon elite Jonny Mellor was the only runner not to opt for the 880 and instead wears the New Balance 1080 for all of his day to day running and mileage. A premium high mileage work horse, the 1080 uses data driven input to deliver soft and smooth Fresh Foam cushioning. It also has a no-sew bootie fit for optimum comfort over the longest mileage - making it the perfect marathon and every day training shoe. “For me the 1080 is just a great all-round shoe” says Mellor, “It’s cushioned, responsive and just fits my feet really well.”

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