Home HIIT Workouts for Runners with Roz Purcell

Home HIIT Workouts for Runners with Roz Purcell

Home HIIT Workouts for Runners with Roz Purcell

Written By: Roz Purcell

While many of us are staying at home and indoors at the moment, we can still improve our form and technique as runners to boost our performance when we’re back on the road. In the latest of our #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME series, SportsShoes.com ambassador and PT Roz Purcell takes us through this tough, high intensity workout, specifically designed for runners who need to stay active and maintain fitness at home.



  • Modified exercises to suit runners of all abilities
  • Helps maintain fitness levels at home
  • Boosts strength, power and mobility specific to the needs of runners
  • Guaranteed to make you rep, sweat and repeat!


Warm up: 5 minutes

  • Cat Cow x 10
  • Glute Bridge x 15
  • Lunge Hip Opener x 20 either side
  • Air Squats x 15
  • Calf Raises x 15
  • Jumping Jacks x 40 seconds
  • Fast Feet x 40 seconds

Main Workout: 15 minutes

Intervals of 35 seconds on and 10 seconds off to transition to next movement.

Movement 1: Prisoner Squats

Focuses on depth and driving up with speed, while keeping the chest up

Movement 2: Mountain Climbers

Works on core stability and driving the knees up

Movement 3: Skater Side Jumps

Single leg work that focuses on stability and fitness

Movement 4: High Knees

Works on explosive knee drive, speed and fitness.

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