Project 02:30: Preparing for the Berlin Marathon 2022

Project 02:30: Preparing for the Berlin Marathon 2022

Project 02:30: Preparing for the Berlin Marathon 2022

Written By: SportsShoes

Following on from his recent success at the Paris Marathon in April, we spoke to our Sportsshoes CTO Jon Cleaver, as he prepares for his next big running challenge - the Berlin Marathon, 25th September 2022.

Hi Jon! Congratulations on your incredible performance in the Paris marathon. Can you tell us a bit more about your preparation for the race?

Leading up to Paris I was running well after having a solid cross country season cumulating in a debut Lancashire vest at the inter-counties championship. I was in pretty good shape, but my objective was not to race a marathon until the autumn. Instead, my focus was on the road 10km distance. However, when I got the opportunity to race for Sportsshoes and ASICS, I leapt at the chance not really knowing what to expect. I was hoping to run around 2:45 but was pleasantly surprised to come away with a PB of 2:33.

Amazing! What did you learn from Paris and how will you prepare for Berlin in September?

Firstly, I learned that just mileage and high training volume isn't the answer. Instead of clocking up 100-mile weeks, there is a smarter way to train which prevents unnecessary fatigue. I have broken down my training over 16 weeks into 4 phases with clear objectives and I am not going to plan too far into the future other than to understand the headlines.

Jon competing at the Chicago Marathon in 2018

Pictured: Jon competing in the Chicago Marathon in 2018


PHASE 1 objectives: Weeks 1-4

1. Prime the body to take on more mileage volume

2. Introduce strength work in the gym twice a week

3. Get into 5km PB shape

4. Ensure the holy trinity are completed - 2 sessions of speed work/tempo and a long run (up to 2 hours) every Sunday

5. Get into the rhythm of running 6 days a week with 1 or 2 double days with the mileage creeping up to 60 a week.

6. How to test: 5km race at the beginning of July


PHASE 2 objectives: Weeks 5-8

Building on phase 1 (tweak the training)

1. Change one of the speed sessions making it more marathon focussed i.e. longer repetitions at marathon pace

2. Build in a mid-week run of 13 miles in between session days

3. Sunday long runs increase in duration up to 02:15

4. Gradually increase weekly mileage up to 75 miles a week


PHASE 3 objectives: Weeks 9-12

Building on phase 2

1. Gradually increase mileage to 90 miles a week

2. Make my Sunday long runs progressive in terms of intensity, working through to marathon pace and up to 3 hours in duration.


PHASE 4 objectives: Weeks 13-16

Building on phase 3

1. Reduce the mileage tapering down to 30 miles before race week

2. Bring in quicker repetition speed work

3. Use the long Sunday runs as a rehearsal before the race, holding marathon pace as a tempo and gradually bringing down from 3 hours down to 90 minutes in duration.

4. Find a short fast race preferably a 10km or 5km 2 weeks out

5. RACE!

Jon receiving his 6 star medal after the Berlin Marathon 2019

Pictured: Jon receiving his medal after the Berlin Marathon 2019

You can follow Jon and all of his running adventures here


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