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We know that you care about the impact of your kit. We do too. We have been working with suppliers to identify products that have lower environmental impact.


Sustainable footwear

Footwear is a real challenge from an environmental perspective. There are many materials in one product. Rubber, EVA midsole, polyester laces, woven uppers, foam padding in the tongue, often suede, and maybe metal eyelets. This is a complex set of materials and therefore makes recycling very difficult. There are lower impact materials (polyester and nylon for example), lower impact manufacturing (flyknits and similar) and lightweight shoes. However, there are far fewer sustainability claims for shoes than for clothing. But we have scoured the market and brought you the best.

Sustainable apparel

When developing more environmentally conscious clothing it is important that we don't reduce longevity. The first option is to use natural and long-lasting materials such as merino wool. natural cottons such as Epic Cotton for waterproofing. The second is to make products that are repairable. The third is to embrace artificial fabrics such as polyester that not only last a long time but have lower carbon footprints and use less energy to wash and dry them. The good news is that clothing manufacturers have been working on this for decades. We've pulled the best options together for you.






Leave no footprints

We believe that there's no fun to be had standing still. But we know that moving leaves footprints. So we are working in a number of ways to reduce our footprints. We are learning. We are discovering what we don't know and finding somethings are really complex with no clear answer.

We are in it for the long-haul.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.


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Buff Knitted and Polar Caryn Beanie - AW23


Knitted and Polar Caryn Beanie - AW23

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RRP £26.95

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