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What is it?

Swimrun is a multiple-stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a cross-country race course that involves many transitions between the swim and run stags of the race. What defines a swimrun is that its always carried out outdoors and in water where the goal is to go from a starting point to a finish point through a course with at least 2 swim and run sections. All the equipment that a participant starts with has to be carried all the way to the finish line. Even though swimrun urges participants to use flotation equipment.

How can we support you?

Our extensive range across the Tri and Swimrun range means we have the means to support your needs for your next challenge, from wetsuits to watches, goggles and swim caps. What's more? We're on hand to give you the advice you need through our live chat system, we can even talk you through our shoe range and pick out what's best for you.


In Swimrun, you need so much more than just a shoe, you need something that will work well in wet conditions. Swimrun puts new and quite extreme demands on what shoe to use. The key list of the do's for a swim shoe are: Good grip, comfort, drainage and a good lacing system. See our extensive collection below.


The wearing of wetsuits is a mandatory requirement for most Swimrun races. You don't need to have an all singing all dancing Swimrun specific model to take part - any swimming (tri) wetsuit will do as long as you can move freely enough in it to run and it will keep you warm enough on long swims.


We've got your Swimrun accessories sorted for 2018 - with over 60 pairs of swimming goggles, swim caps and top of the range watches to choose from, with brands such as Garmin, Aquasphere, Suunto, Michael Phelps & many more. Our pick has to be the Suunto Spartan collection, the ideal partner for Swimrun with an abundance of features across water and running.

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