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Why Do You Need Trail Running Shoes?

Why Do You Need Trail Running Shoes?

Why Do You Need Trail Running Shoes?

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While we all have our favourite go-to road running shoes, the challenges of trail running mean they won’t cut it once you hit more rugged countryside terrain. Trail running means staying on your feet as you navigate uneven and slippery surfaces and the twists and turns of the path ahead. Therefore, you’ll need a shoe that grips and stabilises your feet for confident running.

Here’s why a good pair of trail shoes are the most important piece of kit you’ll need off the beaten track.



Flying along muddy trails is fun and exhilarating but you’ll need a pair of shoes that will grip the terrain and help prevent a slip or a fall in wet conditions. Trail shoes feature aggressive, deep lugged and multi directional outsoles designed to grip in all conditions, so that you can run with confidence. Trail outsoles are also specifically designed to shed mud for optimum grip and traction.



The upper of a trail shoe is designed to withstand everything the elements can throw at it – from mud and snow, to being drenched in streams and on wet, boggy ground. Some models will feature a more breathable, open weave mesh upper to let water escape quickly from the shoe, allowing the shoe (and your feet) to dry faster. Others will feature a water-resistant coating or even a fully waterproof Gore-Tex® membrane to keep moisture out completely.



Trail running means fast twists and turns, uneven terrain and with it, the risk of losing your footing or turning an ankle. Trail shoes feature more support and reinforcement in the upper to help secure and lock the foot down over the outsole for extra support and stability.



Sharp stones and rocky trails can mean painful feet and stubbed toes. Trail shoes often feature extra protective features for rugged terrain, such as underfoot rock protection plates along with reinforced toe bumpers.



Many trail shoes are designed to sit low to the ground, enhancing proprioception or “ground feel.” This in turn allows us to react more quickly to changes in the terrain underfoot, giving a boost to performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Not only does trail running require the correct footwear. There’s lots of other kit available, specially designed to help you on the trails. Check out this full guide on all the kit that you need for a great trail run.

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