adidas TERREX Trail Retreat: How To Trail

adidas TERREX Trail Retreat: How To Trail

adidas TERREX Trail Retreat: How To Trail

Written By: SportsShoes

Recently, we held a trail retreat with adidas TERREX and Underground Fan Club as an introduction for women wanting to get into trail running.

The event started with a panel discussion presented by Sarah Jane Crawford, featuring guest stars Holly Archer and Eleanor Bolton, both GB athletes. They shared some valuable knowledge and expert advice, including their best training and safety tips.


Here are Holly and Eleanor's top 3 trail running tips;

TIP 1:

"Having a tracker on your watch or device so family or friends know where you are is essential for staying safe on a solo run. It also gives you peace of mind so you can have a better run experience."


TIP 2:

"My best advice is to invest in some good kit! Think about the conditions! You might need a waterproof to keep you out there as long as you want. Shoes are vital! something stable, comfortable and grippy is essential."


TIP 3:

"Planning a route beforehand so you don't get lost will elevate your run. Map it on an device so it guides you the right way and you will feel a lot safer."


Click here to read our 'Beginner's Guide to Trail Running' for more handy tips and advice.


Following the panel discussion, our guests headed out onto the trails to put some of those expert tips to good use. It was also an opportunity to the test the new adidas TERREX Agravic Flow 2 GORE-TEX, an ideal choice for a beginner runner or anyone looking for an all-round trail shoe to do it all.


Our guest presenter Sarah Jane Crawford had this to say;

"To anyone thinking about trail running, go for it, lean in to it! Being near trees and immersed in nature is proven to positively affect our well-being, and the basic movement of walking / running is as natural as it gets. To be out there on the trails, went so quicker than I thought! It was great to be in nature and run at our own pace. Although I was near the back, it was great to chat to some of the girls knowing I wasn't going to be left behind".

SportsShoes would like to thank all those who attended, our expert panel, plus adidas and Underground Fan Club for their incredible support. This was a very special day of women supporting women.

Stay tuned to find out more about our inclusive community-based events.



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