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Rock Climbing shoes may look different but they are specifically designed to help with climbing. An essential part of climbing equipment from wall climbing to bouldering you need a shoe that’s flexible and durable to keep you climbing higher and longer.

With a range of climbing shoes to suit all levels, and brands including Scarpa, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Ocun and Five-Ten we have you covered at SportsShoes.com.

How to find the right climbing shoes?

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How do climbing shoes fit?

Climbing shoes are designed to be a tight, snug fit so finding the right fit for you is crucial. Be flexible when it comes to sizing as everybody’s feet are different. You may find you are a different size to what you normally wear. Rock climbing shoes shouldn’t hurt, but a tight fit will give you better performance.

Do all brands size the same?

No they don’t, sizing varies between brands and also in each of the ranges they have. You may require a different size if you are more advanced climber after a technical fit, as opposed to a beginner just starting out. Each product has its own fit guide to help you make the right choice.

* Tip* When you first get your new shoes, warm them up by leaving them in a warm room for about an hour before you try them on to make them more soft and supple.

What types of climbing shoes are there?

Climbing shoes generally fall into 3 categories. Neutral, Moderate and Aggressive and you can distinguish these by the shape of the shoe, these are explained below.

neautral shoe


Great choice for beginners offering support and a medium-to-stiff midsole. Neutral shoes offer a relaxed fit for all day comfort.

moderate shoe


Great for technical climbing, these shoes feature a slightly downturned profile (camber) aiding you in climbing more challenging routes.

aggressive shoe


Used for single-pitch sport climbs and gym routes this type has a sharp downturn. This allows more precise foot placement on small holds.


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