How to Look Good at the Gym | Style Tips | Training Hub |
How to Look Good at the Gym | Style Tips

How to Look Good at the Gym | Style Tips

How to Look Good at the Gym | Style Tips

Written By: SportsShoes

Women go to the gym to work up a sweat, not to get on a catwalk; every woman’s focus should be on her workout, not worrying about what she looks like. That said, when are comfortable with our appearance, we feel more confident, and this confidence can translate into a more productive training session.

Here are five ways to look and feel your best for a confident and focused workout:

Funk it Up

No one ever said that technical gym wear had to be boring! Bright colours and cool prints not only look great but can have an energising effect on your workout. Opting for neons and funky prints creates a fresh, vibrant look and stands out in a crowd, whether you’re wearing printed tights for spinning, neon gym shoes, or layering up with contrasting colours. And even better, fresh new kit usually leads to fresh and renewed motivation.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

If you’re working hard, you’re going to be sweating hard. If your kit isn’t breathable this can lead to unflattering sweat patches as well as rubbing and irritation, resulting in a distracting and uncomfortable workout. Breathable fabrics wick moisture away from the skin to leave you cool, dry and free from sweat patch paranoia - all the way through your training session.

Flatter Your Body Shape

We all have parts of our bodies that we feel unhappy with or self-conscious about, but the last thing you should do is flounder around the gym in clothes which are too baggy. They’ll catch on equipment, restrict your movement, and they can make you feel messy and uncomfortable.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about certain areas, choose gym kit that draws attention away fom them, for example opt for capri tights with tummy flattening wide waistbands, or draped tops which skim your hips and flatter your waist.

Your gym wear shouldn’t be too tight and you should have appropriate coverage; you can’t give your workout your full attention if you’re worrying about clothes digging in or body bits falling out.

Go Fresh Faced

Most of us feel more confident when we’re wearing make-up, but the fact is make-up and sweat just doesn’t go together – and you really should be working hard enough to sweat. Panda eyes and smudged mascara are not a good look, nor do you need foundation sliding down your face while you’re going all-out on the treadmill. Wearing foundation while you’re working out can also increase the risk of you blocking your pores and causing break outs. Ideally you should wash your face immediately before and after your workout for clear skin – remember, healthy skin is great looking skin.

Master the Up-Do

Make sure to tie long hair back, and not only tie it back, but keep it right off your face and forehead with a hair or sweat band. Rest assured there’s nothing more irritating or less stylish than hair plastered over your face, and worse, it can help contribute to skin breakouts. You can be creative with braids, sleek ponytails and messy buns, but remember to keep it practical – you don’t want to be constantly having to adjust your hair during your workout.


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