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Inov8 Terraultra G 270 Trail Running Shoes

RRP £144.99£59.99 - RRP £144.99

Inov8 Terraultra G 270 Trail Running Shoes

RRP £144.99£59.99 - RRP £144.99

Colour: Green

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Out of Stock!

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Evolution of the award-winning TERRAULTRA G 270 with Graphene-Grip. The new POWERFLOW MAX midsole, combined with a 33% increase in stack height, makes...

  • Trail Shoe
  • Product Code: INO1686

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Inov8 Terraultra G 270 Trail Running Shoes

Evolution of the award-winning TERRAULTRA G 270 with Graphene-Grip. The new POWERFLOW MAX midsole, combined with a 33% increase in stack height, makes the TERRAULTRA G 270 a more cushioned ride with greater energy return and bounce.

Inov8 Shoe Fit Scale

For technical footwear, a good fit is essential to enhance your performance. Inov8's new Shoe Fit Scale makes it easier to find the perfect fitting shoe. All Inov8 shoes are designed with Met-Cradle technology to lock down the mid-foot for a stable hold, where they differ is in the toe box. The shoes are now graded from 1 to 5, Grade 1 representing their closest, most precise fit and Grade 5 representing the widest fitting toe box.

The lower the number on the scale, the narrower the fit, which ensures minimal internal movement of the foot when running fast on technical terrain. Shoes with the higher numbers on the scale will suit athletes with a wider foot and those wanting that extra comfort in the toe box. This wider toe box allows the toes to splay for increased stability when lifting heavy weights. It's also perfect for longer runs and races when toes begin to swell.

Inov8 have graded the Terraultra G270 Trail Running Shoes as Grade 5.

Breathable Mesh Upper

Designed to provide comfort and protection, theInov8 Terraultra G 270 Trail Running Shoes have been constructed using a durable mesh. The mesh that covers the upper offers lightweight and breathable coverage, allowing air to fully permeate the entire footbed, creating a more enjoyable experience for you as a runner and keeps your feet cool and comfortable when the temperatures rise. Tougher yet lighter rand materials have been used around the edge of the forefoot to deliver higher levels of durability. The overlays increase support and durability so you'll have complete confidence on uneven and tough terrain. It also works to provide a smoother feel on the inside providing you with added comfort and a reduced risk of irritation. A lightweight tongue shapes the foot to provide a locked-in feel and comfortable fit whilst a wider toe-box allows room for your feet to swell when temperatures rise. Completing the upper is a lacing system which locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.

Powerflow Max Midsole

The midsole provides high levels of underfoot cushioning without compromising on ground feel. Powerflow Max delivers greater bounce and energy return whilst also providing ample durability so you can go further for longer in complete comfort. The cushioning absorbs, stores and then releases energy to propel you through the gait cycle. By minimising shocks when your foot hits the ground, the midsole ensures a smooth, comfortable transition and reduces the risks of repetitive injury. As well as this, the midsole also boasts a super durable boomerang footbed which increases cushioning and adds spring to your step. The footbed delivers 40% more rebound to ensure a responsive ride. Completing the midsole is a 0 drop which promotes the best natural form when running long-distances, allowing the largest range of motion in the ankle joint.

Graphene Grip Outsole

Utilising the world strongest material, these G-series shoes use graphene-enhanced rubber which is 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% more hardwearing to create an all-around trail running shoe. The durable nature of the tough rubber provides peace of mind when running on uneven, rocky terrain whilst the added elastic provides multi-directional flexibility ideal for trail running. The revolutionary Graphene Grip technology is the toughest and most durable outsole compound that Inov8 has ever created, arguably the toughest and most durable outsole compound on earth. Graphene Grip is scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, and 50% harder wearing. 4mm studs claw through mud and stick to wet, rocky terrain ensure traction on a wide range of surfaces.

Shoe Review

As an improved version of the already fantastic TERRAULTRA G 260, somehow inov-8 have managed to make some small and significant changes, making this trail shoe almost impossible to beat. Firstly it feels faster and lighter than its predecessor, mainly because of the sleek design of the upper materials, which almost seamlessly bond together.

Most importantly this shoe gives back a serious amount of energy return, noticeable from the very first step. They provide tons of bounce and cushioning, exactly where you need it. I felt this much more in the mid-sole and forefoot, particularly when running on hard-packed trails. With ample grip, supreme comfort and sticky traction designed to last even longer, the new TERRAULTRA G 270 is the perfect choice for both training and racing.

Ben Mounsey - SportsShoes Trail Athlete

Manufacturer Code: INO000947GNBKS01

  • Breathable mesh - Wicks sweat and protects foot, whilst being incredibly light.
  • Forefoot Rand - Increases durability and support.
  • Lightweight Tongue - Provides increased comfort.
  • Wider Toe Box - Allows room for swelling.
  • Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot.
  • Power Flow Max - Provides a comfortable fit, without compromising on ground feel.
  • Boomerang Footbed - Provides 40% more rebound
  • 0 Drop - Promotes a natural form.
  • Graphene Grip - Stronger, more elastic, and more hardwearing than any other outsole.
  • 4mm Studs - Provides traction on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Weight - 270g.
  • Forefoot Height - 12mm.
  • Heel Height - 12mm.
  • Lug Depth - 4mm.
  • Footbed Height -6mm.

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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