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Scott Supertrac 2.0 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes

RRP £139.99£69.99 - RRP £139.99

Scott Supertrac 2.0 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes

RRP £139.99£69.99 - RRP £139.99

Colour: Black, Red

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Out of Stock!

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Perform to the maximum of your ability no matter how challenging or technical the trail is. The Scott Supertrac 2.0 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes will ...

  • Waterproof Shoe
  • Trail Shoe
  • Product Code: SCO50

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Scott Supertrac 2.0 Trail Running Shoes

Perform to the maximum of your ability no matter how challenging or technical the trail is. The Scott Supertrac 2.0 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes will protect your feet over the course of a long day, keeping you constantly feeling safe and comfortable, whilst the GORE-TEX membrane will provide you with durable waterproofing.


Surrounding the upper of the shoe, this version of the Supertrac 2.0 has a GORE-TEX membrane which will provide the shoe with durable waterproofing. The thin layer prevents the entry of moisture into the shoe, perfect for damp and long days out where keeping your feet dry is essential for comfort. As well as this, the membrane will allow air to pass in and out of it for ventilation. Scott have used an extremely breathable and lightweight mesh, which will provide multiple benefits to the shoe. The material is extremely breathable, which means that as you start to exercise and warm air starts to build up inside the shoe, it is removed and then replaced, which will keep you feeling cool and fresh. In addition to this, the moisture produced from sweat is able to escape out of the mesh, which will retain comfort and climate control. Constructed with a no-sew design, this will reduce the risk of irritation from causing as there are no seams or stitches that will cause irritation by rubbing and chafing. The forefoot and sides are protected by firmer material which will instantly absorb bumps and heavy forces placed against it, softening the impact placed on vulnerable areas of the feet. The traditional lacing system is easy to tighten to a comfortable and secure fit, whilst the flat tongue will sit gently on the ankle. A heel loop on the back will make carrying muddy shoes after your run clean and easy to do. A soft insole will provide you with personalised cushioning for maximum comfort.

Engineered EVA Midsole

Within the midsole, Scott have used engineered EVA to provide a highly technical and responsive ride. Towards the top of it, the EVA is soft and will provide soft cushioning. This will also mean that every step taken will have less stress placed on the joints and bones in the feet, reducing fatigue and the risk of injuries. The midsole will also absorb bumps and shocks from uneven terrain, which will stop sharp pressure from reaching the foot. This will keep you in comfort over a long period of time, and it will also give you the confidence to tackle any terrain. As well as this, Scott have used eRIDE, an innovative midsole that will not only provide a good level of cushioning and protection from underfoot, but it will also promote a faster and more efficient running style, helping you to save energy and go further. The eRide midsole will also promote a more dynamic running position by reducing the impact on heel strikes. This means that more energy will be able to go into strides rather than wasted on heavy impacts with the ground. In addition, the energy created by heavy contacts with the ground will then be transferred into rebound which will improve running fluidity.

All Terrain Traction Outsole

The All Terrain Outsole has a configuration that will help you stay in control of every step for longer. The rubber used is extremely durable, which means that it will be able to retain all of its properties over a long course of time. The lugs are strategically positioned to give you outstanding traction and control. As beneficial on dry ground as it is in deep mud, the lugs are able to dig into the ground, assisting with takeoffs by securing your foot and providing a firm base to take off from. It will also dig into to ground as you start to brake, giving you full control at all times. In addition, there are strategically orientated chevrons placed all around the forefoot, which will provide extra stability and support over long hours and long distances of running.

Shoe Review

This is a fantastic looking shoe from Scott, designed specifically with comfort and protection in mind. The Supertrac is true to fit, a size 10UK fit me perfectly and I would say the width is standard, suitable for most runners.The thick outsole gives plenty of support and cushioning, particularly when running over sharp rocks. What I most love about this shoe, however, is the way the upper cradles and supports your foot, especially as you're moving. This shoe is suitable for a multitude of surfaces, but grips particularly well on firm, dry ground.

Like the Hoka Torrent, these shoes are excellent value at £109.99 and would be a good purchase for athletes of all sizes and abilities.


1. Superb protection and stability.

2. A comfortable fit and suitable for all terrain.

Reviewed by Ben Mouncey, Seasoned Mountain Runner from Yorkshire

Manufacturer Code: SCO274228BKRD

  • GORE-TEX Membrane - Provides the shoe with durable and breathable waterproofing.
  • Breathable Mesh - Air can flow in and out of the mesh for ventilation.
  • Moisture Wicking - Moisture from sweat is removed from the foot and out of the shoe.
  • No-Sew Design - Reduces the risk of irritation caused by rubbing and chafing.
  • Firm Protection - The upper of the shoe has firm protection that will reduce the risk of injury.
  • Traditional Lacing - Easy to secure for a perfect fit.
  • Flat-Lying Tongue - Sits comfortably on the foot, allowing a wide range of unrestricted movement.
  • Heel Loop - Easy to carry dirty shoes.
  • Soft Insole - Provides personalised cushioning.
  • Engineered EVA - Cushions the feet and reduces stress placed on joints.
  • Shock Absorbing - Heavy impacts are absorbed instantly and effectively for protection.
  • eRide Midsole - Innovative midsole retains energy and provides a smoother ride.
  • Energy Return - Energy from heel strikes are returned as rebound for a more efficient gait.
  • Durable Rubber - The rubber will maintain its shape and properties over a long period of time.
  • Deep Lugs - Anchors the shoe in place on a wide range of terrain.
  • Strategically Positioned Chevrons - Provides extra stability and support over a long period of time.
  • Heel Stack Height - 29mm
  • Heel to Toe Drop - 8mm
  • Weight - 360g

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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