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Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts - SS23

RRP £94.99£80.74 - RRP £94.99

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Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts - SS23
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Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts - SS23

RRP £94.99£80.74 - RRP £94.99

Colour: Black

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Due to manufacturer's restrictions we are unable to ship Skins products to Great Britain.
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Helping to reduce fatigue, making long days on the bike feel easier, the Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts will work with your body for a more fluent an...

  • Product Code: SKI1902

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Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts

Helping to reduce fatigue, making long days on the bike feel easier, the Skins Cycle Heritage Bib Shorts will work with your body for a more fluent and supported ride on the road.

Fatigue and tiredness are combatted in the Heritage Bib Shorts as the material compress working muscles resulting in enhanced circulation, as oxygen delivery to the active muscles is performed a lot more efficiently, helping to clear blood lactate. The highly functional fabrics will start the process of wicking moisture away from the bib-shorts instantly and effectively. Air can also pass in and out of the material for supreme breathability and ventilation. An extremely soft and padded seat will mean that long days on the saddle will feel comfortable, with a reduced risk of irritation caused by rubbing and chafing. With wide-leg tapes, this will still provide a tight fit, but this won't feel restrictive or uncomfortable in any way. A good level of stretch is allowed, the bib half tights will give you a comfortable fit that will allow extreme stretch that will move with you in the saddle. Going over the shoulders, the wide bib strap will sit comfortably on you, with a guaranteed grip to reduce the risk of them slipping off. Flat-lying seams within the bib shorts will mean that despite the constant movement, you won't have any irritation caused by the seams rubbing against the skin. Reflective details increase your visibility in low light conditions for improved safety during nighttime riding. Full 50+ UV protection is offered in non-mesh areas, which will keep you protected on long summer days.

Size Guide

Forget your usual size. Use the Skins size guides to determine what fit, for what product, is best for you.

Bordering two sizes? Suppose when finding out your size from the guides below, you sit on the line between two sizes. If that's the case, Skins recommend choosing the smaller size for tights, if you have an athletic body type, otherwise chose the larger size. Skins always recommend choosing the larger size for tops. If you need further guidance in selecting the right size, get in touch with our customer service team - they'll be more than happy to help.

Choosing the right size for Compression Sportswear is very important, so if you're not sure, talk to us!

How To Wear SKINS Tights

If you're trying to get into a pair of Long Tights, Skins suggest you scrunch them up from the waist down to the ankle and put one foot in first - the same as you would do if you were putting on a pair of pantyhose. Do the same on the other leg. Then gradually pull each leg up - taking care to keep the seams running up your legs as you go.

X Small

Waist: 71-76 cm / 28-20 in

Hip: 86-91 cm / 34-36 in


Waist: 76-81 cm / 30-32 in

Hip: 91-97 cm / 36-38 in


Waist: 81-86 cm / 32-34 in

Hip: 97-102 cm / 38-40 in


Waist: 86-91 cm / 34-36 in

Hip: 102-107 cm / 40-42 in

X Large

Waist: 96 cm / 38 in

Hip: 112 cm / 44 in

Manufacturer Code: SKISC00380820074

  • Compression - Combats fatigue and tiredness in muscles by enhancing circulation to clear blood lactate.
  • Moisture Managing - Efficiently and effectively wicks sweat away from the skin.
  • Breathable - Air can flow in and out for increased ventilation.
  • Padded Seat - Comfort under the foot is guaranteed.
  • Wide Leg Tapes - Provides a tight yet non-restrictive fit around the legs.
  • Non-Restrictive - Wide amount of stretch allowed for movement.
  • Wide Straps - Sit on the shoulders comfortably without risk of slipping off.
  • Flat-Lying Seams - Reduced levels of friction for enhanced comfort.
  • Reflective - Reflective strip improves night time visibility.
  • Sun Protection 50+ UV sun protection guaranteed.

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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