How to Stay Safe When Running on the Road

How to Stay Safe When Running on the Road

How to Stay Safe When Running on the Road

Written By: SportsShoes

The reality of running any distance is that whether you’re pounding urban pavements or country lanes, at some stage on your run you’re going to hit a stretch of running on the road. Although running alongside traffic can be daunting, a few simple tips can help to keep you safe and your run stress-free.

Keep your wits about you

This might sound obvious but most of us like to zone out while we run. That’s not an option on the road, where you’ll need to be more aware of your surroundings. Consider blind spots such as blind corners and the crests of hills and pay attention to potential and unexpected oncoming traffic where you might need to move to the verge. Country roads are often the worst for this, where higher speed limits and twisting and turning roads can make running particularly hazardous – stay alert and aware at all times.

Ditch the headphones

It follows that headphones are a no-no when you’re running alongside traffic. You need all your senses to be fully alert and to react quickly and that includes hearing oncoming traffic before you see it.

Run towards oncoming traffic

Always run towards oncoming traffic. This gives you the ability to react quickly to drivers coming towards you. That said, be sure to use your common sense. For example, if you encounter a sharp right hand bend, consider if it’s safer for you as a pedestrian to cross to the other side (well before the corner) where you’re more visible to drivers.

Be seen

For daytime running, high-vis fabrics work best for visibility, but their effect at night under street lights is limited. So, when it comes to night running, opt for lots of reflectivity. Reflective strips on moving areas of the body such as your arms, legs and feet work particularly well to catch the attention of drivers – and make sure to wear a running LED light at night to enhance visibility further.

Be mindful of your personal safety

At night, try to run alongside a run buddy where you can and where that’s not possible then try to stay to well-lit roads and avoid deserted areas. Always take your mobile with you in case of emergency and tell someone your planned route.

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