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So you’ve got the high performance running shoes, the right sports kit and a training programme that’s going to get you as fit as you want to be.
But have you really thought of everything?
A good sports bra is as essential a piece of kit as a good pair of trainers, whatever sports activity and whatever your cup size.
At we stock a wide range of Shock Absorber sports bras including the Ultimate Run, Active Classic Support and the Active Multi. Shock Absorber apply unique scientific and technological research to their sports bra design, so every thread, stitch and contour gives you the best support and comfort.

Find Your Perfect Partner

You are Active

" I want to look and feel good. Exercising is important for me as part of a healthy lifestyle.

You are Ultimate

" Exercising is vital for me. I am committed and focused on my performance. "


There are no muscles in the breast.

Only skin and Cooper’s ligaments support breast tissue and any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing irreversible damage. Once breast has dropped because of stretching those ligaments, nothing can naturally restore them to their former position.

44%* of women who exercise regularly do not wear sports bras.

Inadequate breast support, coupled with excessive breast movement, is the most likely cause of sore and tender breast after exercise. Also, exercising without a good sports bra can make you uncomfortable , distract you and affect your confidence.

*GFK U&A 2012

Wearing a Shock Absorber bra is proved to reduce breast movement by up to 78%**

This has proven to be as much as twice as effective at minimising breast movement as a ‘normal’ bra when exercising.

**University of Portsmouth 2009. Testing against ‘no bra’ condition.

The Science Behind the Sports Bra

The Shock Absorber Bounce-o-meter

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