The Best Running Shoes for a Marathon 2024

Got your sights set on a new Marathon PB this season? 

If you’re building up towards 26.2 miles, then choosing the right shoes is really important. Get this right early on and it will make all the difference for training and race day.

Check out our top 10 marathon shoe recommendations for 2024 below;

*Please note: The following shoes are not listed in rank order*

1. Nike Alphafly Next% 3 


We take a look at Kelvin Kiptum’s World Marathon Record-Breaking Shoe, the Nike Alphafly Next% 3!

Fine-tuned for marathon speed, the Nike Alphafly Next% 3 helps push you beyond what you thought possible.


Three innovative technologies power your run: A double dose of Air Zoom units helps launch you into your next step; a full-length carbon fibre plate helps propel you forward with ease; and a heel-to-toe ZoomX foam midsole helps keep you fresh from start to 26.2. Time to leave your old personal records in the dust.

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2. New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v4

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 is a race day shoe designed for the moments when seconds really do count. The propulsive feeling of FuelCell is combined with a thinner carbon fibre plate, offering superior energy return in a lightweight package that can be used at all levels of competition.


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3. Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

Following last year’s success of the Wave Rebellion, Mizuno have upped their super-shoe game again with the highly anticipated Wave Rebellion Pro 2. The WRP2 is aimed at fast runners looking to achieve PBs on the road over distances between 5k and 42k. Over the iconic marathon distance, the WRP2 is aimed at elite and pro runners with an efficient mid to forefoot driven gait. 


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4. HOKA Rocket X 2

The ultimate road racing shoe, designed to take you further in pinnacle competitions, the HOKA Rocket X 2 is the newest addition to the Rocket family. World Athletic approved, the Rocket X 2 has been amplified with a hyper-focused on construction for the best possible ride.


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The ASICS METASPEED SKY+ racing shoes are designed for stride-style runners who are looking to start fast and finish faster. Runners wearing these shoes will be able to take longer strides while conserving energy with each step. ​Thanks to an energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate, runners wearing these shoes will be able to conserve more energy while maintaining their pace at the later stages of the race.​


The METASPEED Racing Shoes are designed for runners who are looking for PB's in anything from 5k's to full marathons. The METASPEED SKY+ PARIS is ASICS' elite carbon-plated racing shoe, updated for 2024.

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6. ON Cloudboom Echo 3

A statement of innovation, the Cloudboom Echo 3 has been developed with the fastest athletes and the latest sports science.

On's fastest race day shoe is all about maximizing running efficiency.


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7. adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

The adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 is the pinnacle of Adizero Racing products. Built with and for athletes to achieve unbelievable feats, these adidas running shoes are made to optimize running efficiency. Designed to break records for half and full marathons - no matter if you go for a new personal best or even a WR.


The successor of the world-record-breaking Adios Pro 2 is built to empower runners to achieve new heights.

Find out more about the adidas ADIZERO range here.

8. Saucony Endorphin Pro 4

Targeted at the elite runner looking for a carbon plated race day shoe for distances from 5k to marathon and beyond - train in a Triumph 21, race in a Pro 4.
Features a full carbon fibre plate for propulsion sandwiched between layers of Powerrun PB and HG midsole foam for super light energy return.


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9. Under Armour Velociti Elite 2 

Tested by some of the world's fastest runners, the Under Armour Flow Velociti Elite 2 were built to hit race-winning speeds. A full-length, carbon fibre plate adds propulsion, while rubberless UA Flow cushioning makes this shoe super-lightweight and grippy.


Check out our detailed shoe review here

10. Brooks Hyperion Elite 4

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 road-racing shoes are designed to help you chase down PB's in distances from the 5k to the marathon. New, lighter cushioning is layered high to absorb impact while the Arris carbon fibre propulsion plate helps propel you forward. A new upper delivers breathability and a snug fit. Combined, these elements work together to deliver a smooth, ultralight ride to get you from start to finish in record time.


Check out our detailed shoe review here

Want to find out more? We've been busy collecting all the latest tips & expert advice for marathon training and race days. Our Marathon category lets you experience real in-the-moment stories as we dive deeper into Q&A with athletes, kit reviews, nutritional advice and so much more!


We've been busy collecting all the latest tips & expert advice for marathon training and race days. Our exclusive guide lets you experience real in-the-moment stories as we dive deeper into Q&A with top brands, exclusive SportsShoes reviews, nutrition advice and so much more!

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