A Beginner's Guide to Trail Running

Are you new to Trail Running and keen to find out more?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

Our Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running tells you everything you need to know about the sport, including tips to improve your fitness, choosing the right shoes and how to stay safe on the trail.


1. Start slow

We certainly wouldn’t recommend entering an ultra-distance trail race without first gaining the necessary fitness and experience required for tackling such a huge challenge.

Instead, start by slowly introducing trail running into your training plan, allowing your body to adapt to the unpredictable and varied off-road terrain. Gradually increase your distance and time on the trail, learning how to cope with the changes in gradient and conditions under-foot. Initially, it will feel much harder (and slower!) than running on the road, but with practice you will become a fitter, stronger and more confident runner.

It’s also important to vary your training with a mix of hard and easy sessions, always allowing for adequate recovery and rest in between.

2. Choose the right shoes

Wearing the right shoes is extremely important, especially as both the conditions and terrain can change so frequently. Ideally you need a good trail shoe to provide you with the perfect balance of grip, cushioning, comfort and protection.

Finding the right pair of trail shoes to suit you can often be a challenge. Thankfully, help is at hand: our website and Trail Running Hub provide detailed product information, including specific recommendations and expert reviews.

We have written a number of articles which help you to understand the purpose and specification of trail shoes for some of our most popular brands.

Click here to read our Range Explained series.

a-beginners-guide-to trail-running

3. Stay safe

Follow marked paths and trails to help ensure your personal safety. Tell someone else where you are planning to run and how long you expect to be out. If you’re heading to the hills, always carry a mobile phone and extra kit in case of an emergency i.e. a race pack/bum bag with extra clothing etc.

Check out our SportsShoes Guide on how to stay safe when Trail Running and Hiking

4. Respect the rules of the trail

On popular routes, please maintain an adequate distance from other runners and cyclists, giving way whenever necessary. Treat others with the same politeness and courtesy that you’d expect to receive yourself.

Always respect the environment and your surroundings, leaving nothing but footprints on the trail. Remember to take your rubbish home and encourage others to do the same.

Check out this article, which explains the Countryside Code and why it's important for runners, hikers and cyclists

5. Strength and Conditioning

Build strength and conditioning exercises into your training regime as a great way to improve your running. Press-ups, sit-ups, planks, squats and lunges are all good examples of exercises that you can do at home as part of a regular core-strengthening routine.

Our Strength and Conditioning Workout for Trail Runners will help you to help prepare your body for the trail.


6. Discover new trails

Strava is a great way to discover new trails. You’ll be surprised by just how many there are in your local area. Download the app to explore personalised routes created and suggested by other members of the Strava community. You can even create your own routes and segments to include more variety and challenge in your training.

We’d also recommend buying a map of your local area. Learn how to use it, study where to run and have fun planning some unique and interesting routes.

7. Join a club

Becoming a member of your local running club is a great way to meet new friends and socialise with other like-minded people. Running with a group will also help to motivate and inspire you.

The trail running community is friendly and supportive with many online forums offering plenty of help and advice. You can also join our Strava Run Club to compare and discuss training, read interesting articles and take part in some fantastic competitions.


8. Challenge yourself

Entering a race is a great way to focus your training, giving you something to aim for.

Alternatively, you can also set yourself personal goals and challenges. For example, plan to run a 5K and enjoy the flexibility of being able to create your own route and pick a time to race that suits you.

9. Your health is your wealth

The most important thing is to enjoy trail running. Use exercise as a way to relieve stress and anxiety and to escape the rigours of modern-day life. Lace up your trainers, head to the hills and discover a new and exciting world full of adventure, for there is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than the freedom of exploring and running in the great outdoors.

Looking for some training tips and advice? Then head over to our Training category where our athletes and experts explain everything you need to know.


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