We want to help save our environment, so we’ve offset all orders on behalf of our couriers. We have achieved this by a combination of: zero carbon energy supply; reducing resource use; more efficient distribution; and investing in local, Yorkshire-based, agricultural offset schemes.

Our footprint

We have undertaken a full carbon assessment of our business. This includes everything we do: from receiving products from our suppliers to the moment they arrive at your door. We’ve calculated these impacts and we are working to reduce them.


As well as investing in energy efficient equipment we will work to reduce use through better practices and move to a 100% renewable supply immediately.

Water consumption

SportsShoes water consumption is low, but we will work to reduce this further by introducing lean-flush and tap restrictor technologies.

Gas usage

Gas is used for heating and we are investing in alternative heating technologies such as radiant panels and more efficient gas heaters.


We also use packaging materials to pack orders for our customers, and this is one of the company’s largest impacts. Although the packaging weighs very little we, are experimenting with alternative materials such as compostables.

Packaging &


Like all businesses SportsShoes use a multitude of office consumables, namely paper, toner, and stationary. We have an on-going programme to reduce the consumables that we use.


Waste is generated through the normal operations of a business. Our aim here is to move as much solid waste into recycling streams and to reduce both of them as much as possible.


Getting our products to the customer takes resources. We are looking at everything including the way we get products to our UK and International customers.

Learn more about what
we are doing

Reducing our impact

Ben Mounsey & Mark Shayler, sportsshoes sustainability consultant, talk about the carbon impact of the use of plastics and how we can reduce this moving forward.

Make it Wild

Ben Mounsey & Mark Shayler, sportsshoes sustainability consultant, talk with Christopher Neave, about Make it Wild and the work that goes into protecting & preserving woodland.

Leave no footprints

We believe that there’s no fun to be had standing still. But we know that moving leaves footprints. So we are working in a number of ways to reduce our footprints. We are learning. We are discovering what we don’t know and finding somethings are really complex with no clear answer.

We are in it for the long-haul. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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