How to Choose the Right Gym Clothes

How to Choose the Right Gym Clothes

How to Choose the Right Gym Clothes

Written By: SportsShoes

Wearing the right training gear can make the difference between a focused and motivated workout, versus an uncomfortable and even painful training session. The days of baggy T-shirts and old jogging pants are a thing of the past; gym wear today is all about technical designs that help you to look and perform at your best.

Here’s what to wear for a zero-distraction workout:


Your priority here is maximum comfort. You want to avoid any kind of irritation or chafing (that means anything skimpy or lace-covered is a no-no). Instead, it’s best to opt for light, breathable athletic underwear which wicks sweat away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry during your training session. Runderwear’s range of athletic under garments is completely seamless to help avoid rubbing and chafing, with an ergonomic fit which helps you to move freely.

Women should also consider a sports bra to help reduce excessive breast movement while exercising. Wider than normal straps help to disperse pressure and prevent any uncomfortable digging in (see Shock Absorber’s range for example). Find out more about choosing the right sports bra here.


The first rule here is to stay away from cotton. Cotton clings on to sweat, leaving you soaked, uncomfortable and susceptible to rubbing. Opt instead for soft, lightweight technical fabric constructions such as Under Armour’s Heatgear that will wick that moisture away and keep you cool and dry.

Look for mesh panels in key heat areas (i.e. under the arm) which will help provide additional cooling and ventilation where you need it most. Seamless fabric constructions will also help to reduce friction.

The next important factor is fit. Gym newbies often prefer to go incognito in loose, baggy tops and pants. The problem with this is that this can actually hinder movement, catch on equipment and for classes such as yoga and pilates, instructors prefer more fitted clothes so that can they can properly see your posture and form. It’s best to go for at least lightly fitted clothing on top which allows you to move efficiently with maximum freedom.


For all cardio activities it’s best to wear either tights or shorts. Baggy jogging pants will only restrict movement and catch on equipment and pedals, whereas form fitting clothing allows you optimum freedom of motion, helping you achieve a more efficient workout.

Shorts or tights should be light and breathable – look for technical fabrics and avoid moisture-hoarding cotton. The lengths of shorts can be very important; if they are too short they can impair movement and similarly, shorts which are too long and fall below the knee are also likely to restrict movement and prevent your knee from bending properly.


Frequently overlooked, but often the ruin of many a training session, well-fitting technical training socks are must-have for any gym activity. Socks which utilise technical fabrics such as Coolmax (see 1000 Mile’s Range) help wick away moisture to keep your feet cool, dry, and protected against rubbing and blisters from repetitive movement. Look for socks constructed from light, breathable fabric with an ergonomically shaped fit to allow the foot to flex and move naturally.


A good hoody is a great addition to your wardrobe, ideal for transitioning between warm-ups and cool-downs before and after your session. Ideally your jumper should be constructed from breathable fabric to help wick moisture away. Wear your hoody with a slightly looser fit over your training top, making it as easy as possible to take on and off as you warm up or cool down pre- and post-workout.


Wear training gear that makes you feel great. Confidence means motivation, which translates into a better training session. If you feel uncomfortable, out of place or self-conscious because of what you’re wearing, this can only impact negatively on your workout. So, whether it’s a pair of funky patterned tights, or your favourite technical T-shirt that makes you feel at your best, make sure to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, focused and ready to put all you’ve got into your workout.


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