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5 Ways to Get Your Running Mojo Back

5 Ways to  Get Your Running Mojo Back

5 Ways to Get Your Running Mojo Back

Written By: SportsShoes

Struggling to motivate yourself to get out and run? Feeling like you're losing your love of running? This happens to even the most hardcore, committed runners, as everyday stresses, commitments and training burnout combine to take the enjoyment out of running. If running is starting to feel like a chore, here are 5 great ways to regain your mojo and get your running legs back.


Maybe you're coming back from an injury or illness, or you're feeling burned out after a past marathon. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to hit training goals? Could you be suffering from stress, a poor diet or tiredness? Once you identify the factors impacting on your motivation to run, you can start to take action to address them.


If you're training towards a long term goal like finishing a marathon, it's easy for disillusionment to set in when it feels like there's still a long way to go. Take a moment to stop and look at how far you've come. That scheduled 15 miler might seem daunting, but remember when 10 miles felt impossible? You've got this!

Focus on how good you'll feel after your run - there's not much that beats that post run endorphin-induced euphoria. As the saying goes - "I really regret that run"' said no one. Ever.


Constant pressure to maintain pace, to run further and faster will inevitably manifest itself in feelings of stress and feeling under pressure. And that's when enjoyment goes out of the window. Ditch the watch for a few runs, run at a pace that feels comfortable, and simply enjoy the run. Liberating yourself from that overarching pressure and running for running's sake - running because you want to, rather than because you feel you have to will help re-connect you with why you started running in the first place.


Take a different route, explore new scenery or try running at a different time of day. If you're running the same route day in and day out, at some point it's going to get monotonous. Make the effort to get away from familiarity. That might mean trying a trail run if you usually pound the pavements, or getting up early and running at sunrise. A new twist on your regular training helps keep it fresh, interesting and your mind focused.


Ever noticed how the miles fly by when you're running with others? Making some of your training social not only makes you accountable (you need to show up) but can also help take your mind off the monotony of longer runs. Shared goals and motivation from friends goes a long way to helping you stick to your training plans.

You can take it a step further and share goals and achievements with your friends on social media. You'll be amazed at just how supportive (and impressed) your non running friends will be. Join the Sportsshoes.com Strava Run Club to compare and discuss training, read interesting articles and take part in some fantastic competitions.

Read more articles from our Running Hub to help you get your running mojo back, and if you’re on the lookout for some new kit, checkout our Running Store.


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