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Nike Women’s Trail Running Collection 2021

Nike Women’s Trail Running Collection 2021

Nike Women’s Trail Running Collection 2021

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We are living our whole life behind a mask or inside, the need for the real outdoors and escapism is paramount for physical and mental health. We need to empower women to take to the trails. We need help connecting earth, body and mind.

Trail running offers so much more than just a great workout. It offers the opportunity to recharge our minds, whilst firing up our muscles. But we need to break down the barriers that prevent women from taking part, and empower them to take to the trail with confidence.

The latest Nike campaign delivers a holistic approach to trail running for women.

We have called upon key female enablers to support and advise on three key aspects which are all vital for trail running success.

1. DORA – Nike Pegasus Trail 2

DORA – Nike Pegasus Trail 2

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is an all-time favourite as I love the Pegasus models and the shoe feels very natural and gives me the security and comfort that I need to run to the trails, in and around the trails and back home!

Dora’s top-tips for staying safe on the trails:

  1. Go local - Start small and run a local trail to become familiar with surroundings
  2. Control your speed - Don't be afraid to slow down to get used to the terrain
  3. Join the community - Benefit from the help and advice of others by becoming a part of the trail running community. There are plenty of online running forums and groups that provide support for new runners. You could also consider joining your local running club once travel restrictions lift and running in small groups is permitted.
  4. Wear the right kit - Dress appropriately for weather and wear safe footwear (a trail shoe)


2. KATIE – Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

KATIE – Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

I absolutely love the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7, especially for summer running in the Peaks. They are super-light which I love and they give me confidence and traction over loose and unpredictable terrain! I feel like they support my ankles really well, whilst also being light and nimble enough to know exactly what is underfoot and where you are placing yourself. They are perfect for hopping across the rocks as I descend from the top of Kinder Scout on my local trails. This shoe enables me to feel fast, agile and light.

Katie’s top-tips for building confidence on the trails:

  1. Master the terrain - For flying downhills, particularly technical trails, have confidence in your strength and foot placement.
  2. Positive mindset - Adopt a positive mindset and have the composure required to reach the summit of testing climbs.
  3. Navigation skills - Increased knowledge of your surroundings will improve your navigation skills. Build this confidence over time as you explore your local area. Eventually, you will find yourself going out for runs without a plan of where you’re going - just let your mind wander and your feet take you where you want to go!
  4. Escapism - Enjoy the joy and freedom of being completely alone on the trails - there’s nothing like it!


3. BEX – Nike Wildhorse 7

BEX – Nike Wildhorse 7

The Wildhorse are perfect for that run where you might end up out on the trails for hours! They feel soft and bouncy yet supportive enough I forget I am wearing them. I feel really supported in the Wildhorse and there is nothing worse than doubting the ability of your shoes!

Spirit embodies the non-physical parts in humans. It is a feeling, a mood and set of emotions. For me, my spirit is my liveliness, my energy and I get that through feeding my passions, like running. Getting outside for ‘me’ time really lifts my mood and is key for my mental health. I have to make time for myself, otherwise I can’t fully show up and be there for other people.

The endorphins released through running leaves me on a high all day. There is something about that connection to nature that unlocks a sense of freedom and appreciation that I love.

Trail running plays a huge part in that euphoria for me.

Bex’s top-tips for unlocking your trail spirit:

  1. Build a routine - Whether it’s every morning at 8am before work or every Tuesday night - just set aside that time to get out of the house! Explore your local parks and nature spots. Go somewhere new each time.
  2. Set your alarm - Wake early and catch a sunrise, the views are always worth it!
  3. Capture the moment - Take photos when you are out and share with someone to keep you accountable but ask them to do the same; it will help to motivate you if you aren’t feeling it!
  4. Disconnect - Try to disconnect and let go of things that don’t serve you. I love writing lists and practicing gratitude.
  5. Have fun in the sun - Think about the vitamin D! We all need to absorb the sun’s energy.
  6. Connect with nature - Seek pleasure from moving, connecting and sharing moments with nature.
  7. Change the way you feel - Document your mood after being outside and enjoy the evolution!
  8. Listen to your body - Run based on feel; don’t stress about the pace or time. Look at the trails, not your watch!
  9. Enjoy the moment - Be kind to yourself! Be patient and take every day as it comes.


Are you feeling inspired to lace up your running shoes and hit the road? Check out some of our favourite winter running shoes in this guide, or discover a range of running routes, advice and inspiration over on our Running Hub. Need to get kitted up? Our Running Store has everything you need including Running Shoes, Clothes and Equipment.

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