REVIEW: Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail

REVIEW: Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail

REVIEW: Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail

Written By: SportsShoes

We take an in-depth look at the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail, an exciting new running shoe specifically built to handle challenging and technical terrain.



Navigate the up and downs of uncompromising terrain with the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail. Developed with greater grip and stability, it helps reduce fatigue and shields you from jarring, abrupt impact, so that you can keep climbing and reach greater personal heights when the going gets grimy and gritty.

Price: £144.99

Weight: Women's size 8: 265.8g / Men's size 10: 317.8g

Drop: Women's size 8: 3.7mm / Men's size 10: 4mm

Ideal for: Longer distances and technical trails




Lightweight Nike Zoom X midsole combines with increased stack heights to provide more support during extended stretches of running. A deeper, diverse lug pattern highlighted with greater spacing gives enhanced traction for more technical terrains. Mesh upper and internal heel construction provide stability for all different trail variations as well as better breathability and drainage.



- Engineered Mesh Vamp

- Ankle Gaitor

- Protective Skins

- ZoomX Midsole / SR002 Carrier

- Diverse Lug Pattern

- Elevated Stack Heights



- ZoomX Midsole

- Rockplate

- Engineered Mesh Upper

- Ankle Gaitor



We spoke to three Nike athletes, Francesco Puppi, Nienke Brinkman and Cesare Maestri, to find out what they think about the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail Running Shoes.


Pictured: (From L to R) Francesco Puppi, Nienke Brinkman and Cesare Maestri

1. After testing the Zegama for a while, how do you like it?

Francesco: I really like how comfortable they are and how they help the transition from midfoot to forefoot during the foot strike. The shoe is stable despite having a quite thick outsole; the grip has significantly improved compared to other Nike Trail models. They behave really well on a wide range of surfaces, they are not super-specific for one kind of terrain, and I believe this is a great benefit of this shoe (when you go for a run you usually have a variety of terrains, not just one!).

Nienke: I like the Zegama. The shoe is very comfortable and ideal for long runs, because it has plenty of cushioning.

Cesare: I immediately felt at ease with this shoe. The comfort it transmits allowed me to travel many kilometers without any problem, always giving me a good feeling of running both in the fast sections and in the more specific ones of real trail.


Pictured: The three athletes testing the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail (From L to R) Francesco Puppi, Nienke Brinkman and Cesare Maestri

2. What type of run would you use it for (include surface and terrain)?

Francesco: For any type of training session (short, long, easy or intense), both on technical and easy terrain: because the shoe is very comfortable, it has a good grip and the legs are less sore after a training session. During training I wouldn't prioritize a light shoe, but more stability and comfort, that's why Zegama would probably be my first choice. For races on slippery or wet terrain (short or long), or races that are more than 20km: because they currently are the Nike Trail model that offers the best traction and because they are very comfortable to wear. For a short race on non-technical terrain, I would maybe prioritize a lighter or more aggressive shoe, like the Nike Terra Kiger 8, as it has less cushioning but allows more sensibility in the foot, especially on technical (but dry) terrain. The Zegama probably offers the best performances on single tracks, also on rocky terrain, and descents. In short: I would use it for any type of training, long races on any type of terrain, or if the course is wet/slippery (both long and short races).

Nienke: I use the Zegama for longer runs or recovery runs in hilly terrain. If the terrain is not too technical, I think the shoe is also ideal to get in some fast miles. Fast recovery is guaranteed due to the foam X included in this shoe.

Cesare: I think they are suitable shoes for long distances or trail training, especially when looking for an easy and protective run. I would definitely use them for marathon or ultra-distance races. For medium-high intensity they have a good reactivity and perform well on all gradients. When running on trails, the sensation feels similar to wearing a road shoe. On rocky and challenging terrain they always guarantee good grip and the right amount of cushioning to "save" the legs from the impact on longer descents. In the more technical sections they are reliable, the stack height is excellent for protection and does not compromise too much stability in the run.


Pictured: Francesco Puppi testing the grip of the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail on a steep and technical alpine descent

3. Are there any stand-out features of the Zegama? Also, how does ZoomX perform?

Francesco: It has plenty of cushioning and energy return, thanks to the ZoomX. It also has superb traction and grip because of a thicker, improved lug pattern.

Nienke: The main feature that stands out for me is the cushioning. This shoe definitely helps to reduce the impact on your legs.

Cesare: In my opinion the difference between the Zegama and the other Nike Trail models is that it manages to create the right mix and balance of all the characteristics that a Trail shoe must have: reactivity, cushioning, grip and comfort. This is why it is not easy to define a distance or a surface for which they are optimal: they can be used for any training or trail race depending on the runner's goal.


Pictured: Nienke Brinkman testing the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail on technical alpine trails


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